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I'm stuck. not hopeless though i think

Hello, i’m new here so not to sure where to start.

In short this is my story.
when i was 17 i left the house and went to live on my own on the other side of the country to start over again.
I started a study because i never got a full school diploma, only certificates.
i did actually finish that study but it turned out to be useless.
the actual end progress of getting the useless diploma costed me a lot of stress and makes me not wanna do a study again. i did 99% of the work needed for the diploma, yet they did not want to let me graduate
after that i found a decent job as night guard in a hotel but the total hours was kinda shit and got myself into a small debt because not enough income.
all the other jobs i had i never enjoyed, mostly factory work. i once had a job where i could just blank stare in front of me for 8 hours and do my job assembly line work
also did some cleaning of offices but not satisfying enough.
i did some building project to see if the building industry was something for me.
it turned out it wasn’t.
I got into social benefits about 1,5 year ago.
My social life ain’t to great. i got basicly 1 friend and some online people i know.

I only see negative things now and positive seems almost non existent.
because of the night jobs my sleeping schedule has been ruined for long time.
I need to find a job i can keep for longer then 1 year.
I need to find a new house because i’m starting to lose my mind in the house i currently live.
My phone broke so i can’t actually make a phone call or something.
My bike broke so i walk everywhere i need to go.
Feels like i’m stuck in a vicious cycle.
to get the 1 i need the other and i have non.

so to sum it all up, wrong study choice, no good job opportunities, no money, no phone, no transportation, no friends, no family.

to end it not completely negative, i haven’t drank any alcohol for over 8 years, and i also don’t touch any drugs or have a crime history.

I’m 25 now.

Good for you for not touching alcohol! This sounds very tough. I’m very sorry. :heart: We luv u immensely.

Hey man I have almost the same sencario as you I’m 24 now and started going back to school for my feild of study, and I also work in a warehouse that kills me in terms of my sleep schedule lol.

Let me tell you the only way to get out of this funk is to go back to school or do a co-op for whatever you’re studying, think of it as escaping from the senerio you’re in. And once you’re in classes you’ll meet people eventually

I also have a small group of friends, but I’m greatful for them we share common interests and laugh about things, couldn’t be more happier with them.

The only way to help yourself is to put care about what you’re doing and enjoy it and once you do that you’ll create a peaceful environment around you.

Things for me are much better now I’m starting to meet more people and I’m going for an interview for an office job at my school.

If I can do it so can you my friend
You’re not alone in this world
Best wishes