I'm terrified of someone I shouldn't be

I can’t help it. All mothers scare me. I can’t just not be afraid of them. Not with my past. My stepmom is so nice, and I’m scared of her. When my dad isn’t home (he works 24-hour shifts), I stay in my room all day, whereas, if he were home, I’d come out and hangout with everyone. I’m so useless.

Hey friend. Why does she scare you? What’s going on that gives you so much anxiety that you isolate yourself?

i’ve been abused by my mother most of my life, still do from tijme to time

it makes sense that you’re afraid. you’re not useless, i know this will sound impossible to do, but try to keep an open mind about people. just because your mom hurt you, doesn’t mean other mothers will or ever would. you said your step mom is nice, you can just try to connect with her, make it a positive relationship, this is just my suggestion, sometimes it can help just to retrain your brain slowly to associate something with a positive instead of a negative. praying for you