Im the definition of useless

Im useless, useless at work (one year programmer and Im still slow as a new dev), useless at studying (just kick the subjects to the next semester and keep wasting my money), useless at love (cant keep a relationship for lore than a 2 months) and in friendship, I don’t like a lot of my friends and I cant change them now, I act as if I don’t care about anything and just say cruel shit or just stay quiet begging for attention, Im fat, I have the biggest eye bags and still living with my mom, my dad died of lung cancer, I should kill myself probably, the only thing stopping me is thinking about the sadness of my mom, I think I don’t mean anything to anyone else. Plus Im in the hospital from optic neuritis so I cannot see from one eye, as soon as my mom dies Im out for sure

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Hey, I’m so sorry you’ve gone through such a hard time, but I can tell you that you shouldn’t feel like a failure because of these things. You have gone through each of these trials-working for a whole year, pushing through so many semesters (even though you might not think you worked hard enough you should still feel proud for not completely giving up) and having toxic friends-because you are strong. You have a purpose, and if things don’t make sense now they one day will. I can see that you care for others, and I know you are capable of loving yourself too. I care about you and I hope you can see your worth!

We care about you. You are not useless. You are a valuable human being. All of the things you mentioned are not proofs that you are useless. I think maybe you could take some time for yourself to heal?

If you don’t like your friends, maybe they are not good friends, or maybe you are with the wrong group of people.

Love is difficult and rare. You only need one right person…that’s all that matters. Everything before is just for you meet that one person. You don’t even need to keep trying being in a relationship. If they are not the one, the love relationship won’t matter much. People can meet that special person at any age.

Don’t worry about being fat or having eye bags. Good people won’t judge you. You don’t need to compare yourself with others.

I am glad you are doing this for your mom.

Please take care.

Sending love xxx