I'm tired of life i want to stop suffering

this is my very first time participating in a forum. i felt like i have no one. i feel so isolated and lonely. there’s no genuine human connection existed nowadays. i do not matter to anyone. everything in life are so unfair and overwhelming. i cannot handle them. i just wanted to feel safe. it hurts. everything’s so heavily influenced by circumstances and i do not have any power to control it. everything’s defined by money. humans are just numbers and not precious individually. and i don’t like the idea that we have to spend money for someone to listen to our misery and them give us expensive drugs to take away the unhappiness. i wish to die but i do not want the pain. i feel very sick of this world and i do not know what to do and how to cope.



I think a lot of people are feeling isolated and lonely at the moment due to covid. It’s making human interaction a lot more difficult, which is something I took for granted now that I look back at it. You are not alone though in regards to the way you’re feeling. A lot of us feel very isolated, myself included. I’ve been struggling with loneliness lately as well.

Something you said thats very important is about not having the power to control all of these circumstantial events that make up life. Thats great that you recognize that, cause understanding that will help you out tremendously. When you look at life, there’s actually very little that we are in control of. I used to, and still do sometimes, get stressed out over stuff that I couldn’t control. My anxious mind would create a million scenarios of how something could potentially play out, which would just make me more anxious, frustrated, and hopeless. So one day I just told myself that all of this is out of my control and I’m going to leave it in God’s hands. A big weight was taken off my shoulders when I came to that realization.

People are hard to figure out. Life is impossible to figure out. Genuine people are hard to find. Its a tough pill to swallow, but that’s just life.

Forge your own path, find those genuine people and hang on to them, and focus on what you can control. Understand your self-worth. You are a beautiful soul and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The negative thoughts have to stop, cause it’ll only hinder your progress. Love yourself, share your spirit with others, and things WILL get better. I feel like I’m giving advice to myself cause ive felt all of these feelings before. It may get worse before it gets better, but it will get better.

Life’s a marathon, not a sprint. Just hang in there cause there’s better days ahead for you. You’re courageous, strong, and trying to find a solution. Those are 3 great tools to use to help you in your journey of life. You have the ability to solve some of these problems right now. Let go of what is out of your control and focus on finding that beautiful soul of yours.

This really resonated with me. My eyes are a bit glossy after reading your post. Hang in there, please…if you give up now, you’ll never get to see the beautiful life that God has in store for you. I will keep you in my prayers and ask God to bless you with guidance, fortitude, and to help you win your battles against isolation and loneliness. Stay strong :heart:


thank you for your kind words and for including me in your prayers. i hope things will get better…

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Hi, I read what you said and what’s missing is YOU. I’m lonely and I feel worthless and I crave connections, but I rely on myself, at least for now. Be your own best friend.

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im ok with my existence…i dont know how to explain this very well but i dont feel worthless, my sadness and anger and frustation is more external rather than internal.
and i used to be okay if im alone. because even if im alone i dont feel lonely because i still feel i have friends back then that spends time with me sometimes. but not anymore. now i’m alone for so long it gets old…now people are more self reliant and every self love self worth and many other self stuff i’ve read hundreds of times on the internet it seemed like another kind of isolation to me… also they are more comfortable with their gadgets and virtual ‘friends’ bcs it is easier. and i feel this is not how a human supposed to live by their very basic needs that is care and affection goes unfulfilled. this is how i feel sorry if it’s confusing.

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No, I definitely understand.

Love may be a mirage. Seek it anyway, for all else is surely desert.

Things like this forum and just going to trivia night at the pub will help.

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thank you very much. in the country i live in there are no pubs but i’ll try seeking help…

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You’re doing well so far just being here. But really don’t discount yourself as a support system. Loneliness sucks, but from your original post I sense that you’re codependent and maybe you should give yourself a little more credit.

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yes what you said is true i feel i will not survive if alone because i cannot do anything by myself

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Then try to find things you can do for yourself. Even little things. Just do a few little things and you’ll start to have pride and that will give you strength and before you know it, people will sense that and start admiring you for it and they’ll want to be part of your life.

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