I'm too exhausted to help myself

How am I supposed to get better and fight depression if I’m super exhausted and sleepy all the time? It’s a catch 22: Depression seeps your energy and that makes you more depressed which makes you even less energetic and so on.

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Hi @Rumi2 - Welcome to Heartsupport. Thank you so much for posting here. I know there are people who will see their own struggles in your story and really feel less alone because you posted. I appreciate that.

It does sound like a cycle for you, I am sorry you struggle with energy to fight your depression. I hope sharing here with us has helped you recognize even a little bit how strong you are to press on, even though your energy is working against you. It is perfectly acceptable to do what you need to do to recharge, and take care of yourself.

Thank you for posting. Stay strong.

There is nothing I do to recharge. Every single thing I’ve tried, like exercise or a healthy diet, made no difference. I’ve given up entirely.

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I really hope you reconsider giving up, @Rumi2 - you are worth sticking around for. I am not special, or have any magic words to say, but I see and hear your frustration and I really do support whatever you need to do that is best for you.

Heartsupport actually has a book, specifically about Depression that you might be interested in:
You can find help overcoming depression at heartsupport.com/dwarfplanet

I know it feels hopeless, so I appreciate your effort here to share your story with us.

It also might be hard to talk about what you are experiencing, and I know sometimes it can feel really lonely. There are some amazing, short reads over at the blog: https://blog.heartsupport.com/ that you might take a look at to help you feel more connected here.

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Oh great, I have to buy a book. This is a waste of time.

You are not obligated to do anything! We have lots of free resources as well. Just sharing here I hope helps, but options and knowledge can help you choose what is best for you. If posting here and making connections in the community makes the most sense, that doesn’t cost you anything but time.

I’m not trying to be a drone, or push things you don’t need. I am sorry I made assumptions. I should have asked what you need from us! I am still happy and open to conversation, but I understand if you don’t feel up to it anymore.

Heyo Rumi,

I struggle with this constantly. I still haven’t found the perfect recharge plan either. My best piece of advice for that…try things for at least 2 weeks before you throw it out. Helps you make a habit and you’re able to have data for your brain to figure out what works or doesn’t.

Maybe take a listen to something? I process and get energy by listening to helpful things instead of reading. Can’t waste my brain space any more than just laying in bed exhausted trying to sleep but not being able to, right?

Hope something here was helpful, or at least gives you some hope that you’re not alone in this. It’s a s t r u g g l e, but there’s gotta be something that works to get you through this tunnel.

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