Im trying to get better grades, workout, and become a extrovert

  1. Identify a personal goal that you would like to reach. What are the changes you want to create in your life?
    Example: “I want to take action in recovering from my alcohol addiction.”; “I want to create a healthy sleep routine.”

My goal is…to get better grades, workout, and become a extrovert

  1. Formulate your goal in a way that is specific and measurable. What does it look like when you’ve succeeded?
    Example: “I will reach my goal when I will hit 6 full months of sobriety”, “I want to be able to sleep 7hrs/week for at least 4 nights/week”.

I will reach my goal when…I have better mental health

  1. When do you want it to be done by? Make sure to define a healthy and realistic time line.
    Example: “In eight months, by 12/18/23.”

I want it to be done by…4 months


Sounds like worthwhile and doable goals. Stay in touch.

Hello @Aviva

Welcome to Heart Support, it’s awesome that you made an Action Plan. Wanting to get good grades, work out and better your social skills are all very doable things. What steps do you think you can take for each area you want to improve?

You could make a schedule for getting homework and your workouts done for example.

I think it’s awesome that you’ve made this action plan. I hope that you will come back with progress or if you need support so we can help you and encourage you. You matter!

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@Aviva Welcome to the Heart Support wall! I’m glad you’re here. I love that you have taken the time to set goals and make an action plan. It feels like you have 3 separate goals here:
Get better grades - do better in school
Work out - get healthier / stronger
Become an extrovert - Be more comfortable in social situations

I hope I’m understanding this right. It sounds like you think these goals will help you achieve better mental health. And they can help you have better mental health for sure because feeling accomplished helps us feel better about ourselves. Better physical fitness is also good for our mental health - it helps our state of mind when we move our bodies more.

So what can you do to help yourself achieve better grades? Are there certain steps you will take for this?

And what do you like to do to work out / exercise / move your body more? Do you have a plan for how often you will do these activities?

These are all things you can put into your action plan as specific steps that are measurable and achievable.

As for being more comfortable in social situations - what do you see that looking like?

I think you have great goals and they are definitely doable and with diligence you can do a lot in 4 months. I can’t wait to see what you do.

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