Im uglier than a blobfish

Im pretty sure eveyone has seen a picture of a blobfish. well theyre ugly but im way uglier.the reason my username is Mr.Lonely is because im to ugly to have friends. so i try to hide my face in public as mush as possible because im ugly

Hey @Mr.Lonely I’m sorry things aren’t going well. Know that you are not alone that there are people here who care about you. Despite what your thoughts tell you know that you are beautiful both inside and out. You can talk to us about anything and everything and know that no one here is going to judge you for it. Keep hanging in and stay strong

ok @mufcninja i will

Hey there. I know how it feels to deal with low self esteem and thinking yourself to be ugly and it’s a long and hard process to turn it around.
But I want to tell you that beauty and being beautiful is not the pinnacle of human achievement. It doesn’t correlate to your value as a person, and good looks don’t matter when people have bad personalities either. I’m sure you have a lot of great qualities, and there is a lot of strength to find in platonic relationships which I am sure you can have, you just need to find the right people.

I don’t believe you’re ugly, but I know it’s a lot to deal with and you’re not alone friend <3 just know being beautiful isn’t the most important thing in life.

Are you sure it isn’t because you don’t talk and conversate with people?

Hey @Mr.Lonely ,

Please don’t talk about yourself like that. “You are your own worst critic” - one of my favorite quotes. What you perceive as your biggest flaws, someone probably wouldn’t even notice unless you pointed it out. We are around ourselves 24/7 so we have the time to pick apart are tiniest “flaws” and to completely blow them out of proportion. There are always communities of people out there who will accept you for you, no matter what you look like - You just have to build up the confidence to find them. You’re loved and we believe in you!


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No one is friends with someone because of their looks. I think you have a lot of pent up anxiety that is showing as low self esteem and you are avoiding dealing with it. I can promise you that you are not as ugly as you think. Attraction is more than skin deep. If you feel that down on yourself then I would talk to someone about your insecurities and how they are negatively affecting you. I go through moods of being absolutely disgusted with myself so I understand how you feel. I take rhodiola rosea to manage my anxiety because it’s not bad enough that I need meds for it, might be something for you to look into. Some people like st John’s wort but it reacts with a lot of meds so look out for that. I hope you learn to see how beautiful you really are

Well everyone thank you for supporting me but there is something else I wish to share go to my account to find it…

I used to think I was very plain or a bit ugly. Years later I saw photographs of myself and I was NOT ugly. Either way, WE ARE FAR MORE THAN JUST OUR LOOKS. Just because some people have great looks, doesn’t make them great people. ANYONE can be a great person, whatever they look like, or whatever disabilities they have. Treat yourself to some new clothes and a new hairstyle. Pamper yourself. Don’t be hard on yourself. You deserve far better

Sorry it’s been rough. I’ve been there too. I wish I knew how exactly this problem lost effectiveness over me so I could share it with you (maybe i just grew somewhat used to my face eventually). Anyway, welcome to the internet, where showing your face is optional. :slight_smile:

Most people do not like people according to their looks. Just think of yourself - Do you only accept people with beautiful faces? Or do you mix with good people regardless of their looks?

@Mr.Lonely please don’t think of yourself as ugly. To be honest no one in the universe is ugly. I believe that ugly people are not real. But, if you every feel ugly remember that everyone has something special about them. Sometimes that special this is just not noticeable. I hope that you feel better and I send lots of love your way :slight_smile::heart:

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