I'm worried about my sister

My sister came to visit last night, out off the blue, she seemed a bit teary eyed but my mom said not to ask about it. I got worried bc I didn’t understand what was wrong. Then I started worrying if it had something to do with my random text the other day asking her if I could come visit her bc I was creeped out by someone.(mom’s husband but I didn’t tell her that part). And then suddenly she left in the middle of the night, no explanation. She said she was spending the night and leaving at 9, but when I got up she was already gone. And it wasn’t even 9 yet. Now I’m worried about wtf happened. Why she left, what did she even visit for. Did I do something wrong? Did we do soemthing wrong? I’m scared. I should’ve just left her alone. Maybe she just wanted to be alone. But why? What happened? I want to ask but my mom says it’s between her and her husband, not our business. Whoever it was for, I’m still worried. If she came to visit me in worry that I wasn’t safe, and left bc I acted fine, or came bc she was feeling unsafe, or hurt, and left because none of us brought it up. I’m worried. I’m scared. I don’t know what to do.

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Yeah there’s something shady going on. Your mom doesn’t get to decide for your sister what’s your business or what’s between her and her husband regarding your sister. Ask your sister. If she wants to tell you, she will, and if she doesn’t she won’t. If she doesn’t, respect her boundaries and don’t push it anymore.

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Hey there,
That sounds very overwhelming to say the least. I’m sorry things seem so unclear right now and that it has caused you a lot of worry. It’s hard to know without communicating that with your sister. Do you think bringing up that she left earlier than she said would allow the topic to come up naturally? That way you would be able to give her support if she needed it or even just kind of put some worries you have surrounding her visit to rest?

That’s tough :frowning: - Seeing someone you care about going through something that seems important, yet not knowing what. It sounds that your mom was only trying to respect your sister’s privacy, but it’s understandable that it didn’t ease your worries and just triggered even more questions. If your sister wants to talk about something personal, it will have to come from her. Maybe you can just let her know that you noticed her unusual behavior and you’re here to listen if she wants. Just to let the door open without being intrusive either.

You have a good heart. I hope you’ll soon have the opportunity to receive more information and be reassured about what’s going on. :heart:

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