I'm worried for someone who isnt even born yet

Hi all,

What the title says. To protect identities I will be identifying the 2 individuals in this post as X and Y.

So… basically X and I don’t really communicate much. They are on the wrong path in life and woth everything I’ve got going on, I really don’t have the time or money to support them, but I give advice when I can and let X come over so they can eat now and then.

X is married to Y. I don’t like Y. I never really have, but I am civil to them because I’m an adult and I believe that even if you don’t like someone you can still behave like a proper adult.

X and Y have a long history of drugs, alcohol and abuse towards one another. Over the years I have given advice, I’ve orchestrated getting people bailed out of jail, and have offered necessities that neither X nor Y could afford. They currently live in a trailer in a bad area of a large city about an hour away from me. They dont have electricity through the city, instead they run a gas powered generator just large enough to run one of those little camp stoves. They get water by the jug at Walmart instead of having running water and I’m sure they don’t have natural gas either. X jumps from job to job and as far as I know, Y doesn’t work.

And now Y is pregnant. X and Y can’t even take care of themselves but they thought it a good idea to have a child. I have strong suspicions that X and Y are still doing drugs too. I found out a few days ago and I can’t stop thinking about the child. Assuming the baby makes it full term, I know the hardships the baby will be born into.

I know Kiera has it hard with all of her health problems but she is never without food, electricity, warmth, toys, and she is fortunate that we are able to take care of all her medical needs. And I will watch her grow and succeed as X and Ys child is forced into the squalor that they are bringing it into. I feel bad the the baby and it’s not even born yet. I don’t know what to do.


Oh man, that sounds like a really bad situation. I can see why you are so worried, I’m worried for the child myself. It’s alarming.

Are they on welfare? They could get on WIC, probably and might be eligible for other programs to help. It sure does sound grim tho. It’s so irresponsible to bring a child into this world when you can’t even take care of yourself.

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From what I understand they were just approved for food stamps but thats about it.

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I would encourage them to look into the WIC program and to also call 211. They have a LOT of resources for low income families.

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I spoke to X last night and they didn’t want help, from 211 for example. I guess Y left him and they (X) haven’t been checking in with their parole officer.

X asked me if, should they disappear, I would tell their kids that X loves them. I told X no, because X lives for those kids and I know they are all that is keeping him from taking drastic measures. This happens every few months it seems. I refuse to take that burden away from X, as much as I worry about them.

I foresee things getting worse soon.