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I have been having issues at my job and I’m just not sure what my purpose is.

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Your purpose is to be you and that’s pretty great! You will find your way! It may take time and some different periods in your life, but you will find what your purpose is. Even now when you don’t feel like you know what it is, you are enough. Even if you’re having work issues, you are valuable. No matter where you are in your journey, you’re enough. I know it sounds so cliche, but there’s no set of successes and failures or steps or life changes that fit everyone’s life journey.

That’s hard. I don’t know your situation but I hope that you are able to reach out to someone and talk about how you feel so that someone can offer you peace and comfort. Maybe some guidance. I know it can be tough my friend but you are loved and valued. I hope it gets better for you. We are here to listen if you ever need to further talk about how you feel