Important Anniversary

Today marks the third year of my precious dog who I really felt was a little son to me, pass away. Also, the beginning of the end of a significant adult relationship. It’s a heavy season for me this time of year but three years have gone by, and my love for my dog is still intact. I’ll love him every day, and feel him with me spiritually. I hope one day to move past the awful trajectory that was the ending of that relationship that meant so much to me as well, and hopefully one day I won’t remember it anymore with the day my beloved dog passed. RIP R.


Hey @Whitepage,

My heart goes out to you. :heart: Anniversaries and reminders of losses can be very painful. So I hope you’ll take care of yourself today, as much as possible. It brings a lot of weird and mixed feelings, and during those times the best we can do is to try to be non-judgmental with how we feel. It hurts, it doesn’t feel right, and it’s okay to say it.

That love won’t go away, friend. It will always be cherished and well preserved in your heart. It will also be a pillar of strength for you to learn to move past the end of this relationship that you mentioned. It’s hard when a difficult event coincides with another significant part of our life. It can take a lot of time before we find some clarity. In the meantime, we need to be patient with ourselves, to give ourselves some grace.

Cherish the beautiful memories that you have with your dog. Those are so precious. And if you want to share a bit of them with us here, know that you are more than welcome to do so. :hrtlegolove:

I’m sending hugs your way. You’re not alone during this heavy season. You have friends right here to hold your hand and stand by your side. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us here.


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