In a bit of a confusing pickle

Ok first off idk if youve read my posts aboit her but if you have you notice i stop coming to heart support. Thsts because i found out the truth about her boyfriend, he isnt her best friend shes known all her life nope not one bit, she also cheated on me but im not going to get into that. last night i was talking with her boyfriends friend, i was telling her all the pain she caused and tried to ask for advice. Midway in our conversation and i ask, “how old is haylee’s boyfriend im curious” and his friend said 17. She is 13 years old. She convinced them that she was 16 years old. I informed his friend of this, at first she was in shock and didn’t believe me but i showed her evidence and well yeah. Heres what i need help with though. During the midst of this whole thing i was debating whether or not to tell her parents, she also lied about rape and i dont think it was fair for her parents to not know about either. I asked a lot of people, all of them said yes. (i will attach images of what i texted her father) in the heat of the momment and to right now i feel discusted that she lied about her age to get with a 17 year old, i wouldve informed her boyfriend but his friend told me that he was at his dads and would be offline for a while. So with everyone saying yes i should tell her dad and get her “grounded for life” in the heat of the momment it seemed like a good idea, at the time it was around 2 a.m. i knew he was asleep but i shot him a text anyway so when he woke up he. Could see. Then i go to sleep. Her dad responds but ill attach screenshots of our whole conversation. In the end i told him who i was and after a long pause her mom calls my dad telling him i told her to go drown herself and to kill herself. Me and her argued but i never told her either. By the way i have absolutely no idea how the hell they got my dads number but my dad believed her, i get why he believed her, why would an adult make up such a thing about her daughter. I got my computer tsken but they left me my phone, i dont care much anyways but i will tell my dad what happened and explain myself a bit. I talked with a lot of people about this asking if i did the right thing and idek, it wasnt right for her to lie about her age when me and her are 13 and i know that for a fact, but should i have texted her dad? In the heat of the momment it seemed like a good idea and everyone was cheering me on about it but i kinda need some more opinions on it (i forgot to mention i told every single mod on the server they were both in about this, shes banned thank god and its all getting cleared up).


If I am following the story correctly, you told the 13 year olds father she was dating a 17 year old? I think you did the right thing. That age gap is really not okay, and she could get him in trouble when he turns 18 if they did stay together and she did not tell him her real age.

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