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In addition to my other post, a small poem i wrote :]

lately i’ve gotten into writing poems so yeah, lol;

i look around me and everyone seems to fall in place with someone. like puzzle pieces, destined to be with another.

and i wonder, will i feel like that too one day?
will i meet someone who makes me feel like i could pluck the stars from the sky, who makes me feel like i could move mountains with my bare hands?

and i wonder, will i be able to love like that?
like the woman who just kissed another one’s cheek.
like the man who holds the hand of his beloved as they cross the street.
like the butterflies that chase after each other and the person who cried after getting their heart broken by the person they loved.

and i wonder, will i be able to fall in love too?


hey friend!

i feel like it’s been a bit since we’ve connected! i really enjoyed reading your poetry and could feel the emotion you poured into it. i hope you’ll continue to write poetry since it’s such a powerful, creative outlet to cope or express yourself with.

i know that one day you will feel and find love like the kinds you observed and wrote about here. you deserve to love and be loved. sending you the best of wishes and hope to be able to read more of your poetry soon!



Hallos! First of all its an amazing poem it was really intresting to read. I hope you share more of you’re poems to read in the near future. I bet it wont be long until you find another jigsaw piece to connect with. People say the longer you wait the better it gets <3. Its amazing how people can be so talented! You got a super power right there and you can make a amazing job doing poetry. National poetry day is on my birthday so i do like reading poetry. you are loved , valued and respected. Wish to hear more amazing talented poems from you.


From: Micro

Thank you so much for sharing your poetry with this community, friend. I remember what you have posted before related to this, and it so beautifully expressed as well. It’s so hard to not compare ourselves or our situation to others at times. Or at least… to what we see of others, which can actually make a big difference too.

I so want for you to find your person, and I believe wholeheartedly that the answers to the questions you asked yourself are: yes. Time, experiences and life opportunities will help you create this new path in your life, little by little. I believe in you and you are so deserving of knowing that type of love and affection too. In the meantime, know that we love you here so very much even if it’s different, and you are cared for.

I hope life has been kind to you lately. I’m sending hugs and friendly thoughts your way. :hrtlegolove:

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