In may 3rd of 2021 i was ejected from a convertibl

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In May 3rd of 2021 I was ejected from a convertible going 106 mph in a suicide attempt. Since June 19th the 2022 I’ve been sober. Sometimes I I feel as if I’m never enough and always too much.


Thank you for sharing your experience!
You should be proud of yourself and you have come such a long way! I am proud of you for your perseverance and your strength to keep going
You are enough and your feelings and your journey are not too much
You are an amazing and incredibly strong person so please be proud of the work you’re putting in
Sending lots of love and support!

  • Domenica
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hey friend,

thank you for being here and sharing your story. to survive such a traumatic suicide attempt and pursue sobriety is such a powerful testament to your perseverance, journey to improve, and purpose. you are enough and you have infinite value. for anyone to say that you are too much must not appreciate you for who you are and what you have conquered. anyone can be “too much and never enough” but the truth is always the opposite. you are enough, you are good as you are and all you will be.


hey! wow, you’ve come such a long way, it is really amazing that you are still working on yourself after going through such a traumatic event. first off, congrats on being sober since June 2022 - that’s a massive achievement. it’s important to know how much strength you hold after surviving this experience. it’s okay to have these feelings but remind yourself of the progress you have made and the resilience you have.

sending love, celina

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Hi there friend,

You are so brave for talking about this. It is not easy to talk about the dark parts of your life which could have almost lead to death. You have persevered so much. I am proud of you for your progress of sobriety despite the struggles that you have faced. You are enough and you are loved and you are strong. Although the journey of recovery from suicide attempts and/or sobriety has ups and downs, you have come such a long way and it is amazing. sending you love and support during this time, you deserve it.

-daniela <3

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