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In my country mental health is still kinda taboo theme, there are people…but you pay for one hour a lot,she/he doesn’t even listen to you or doesn’t even have a question,they just gives you a pills for something and that’s it. You get addicted to those pills,for which you don’t even know are what for, and you get into even more battles. I always wanted to reach out,but if you don’t have places like that,you kinda just live through it,you learn how to not show it or how to avoid it,that’s it. Which is again,even bigger problem. Also,if you are going to therapy here,you are considered crazy.


I’m really sorry it’s been a struggle to find the support you need. It’s really frustrating that mental health is so stigmatised! Everyone’s mental health should be prioritised just like their physical health. I’m really glad you were able to voice your thoughts and concerns here, even that is a healthy step and can ease some of the burden of dealing with it alone.


hey friend, i’m so sorry you’re feeling the stigmas and downfalls that come from your experiences with therapy. i know that betterhelp can schedule you with a therapist from any country that will take you seriously and use your time together effectively. i hope this can be an option for you since being ignored and given unknown pills is beyond frustrating. you deserve to be heard, supported, and lifted up. wishing you all the best on your journey. you matter! love, twix


Hi Friend, I find it sad and frustrating that there are still places where mental health is seen in this way. Its heartbreaking to think that a person can be suffering and they just get pills thrown at them will no thought of how to actually help with the issue. I am so sorry that you or anyone else has to live that life. I am beyond grateful that you have found Heartsupport, please join the forum if you wish and you may post and get support any time you wish. We are always here for you no matter what. Much Love lisa. x



It’s so sad that we’re still so bad at understanding how to talk about mental health. Even where I am in the UK, I had a similar experience as you described with the first doctor I went to. I’m lucky that their are other options and realise that is not something available for a lot of the world.

I hope that knowing you can talk openly in this community about whatever you’re going through without judgement. It’s not the same as having access to proper therapy obviously, but we’re here to listen.

Stay strong x


Thank you so much for sharing about this. Cultural differences when it comes to mental health are too often forgotten. It’s awesome that we see more and more people being open about it, and more and more possibilities for people to have access to professional help, but it’s also important to talk about the fact that there’s still a lot of progress to make in many places and countries. Too many people have to live through it, stay silent and just keep going through the motions of life as if nothing was happening. It’s so destructive and so isolating. I hate that this has been part of your experience, and am truly sorry that you’ve been somehow pressured - consciously or unconsciously - to not open up about how you feel, because of stigma, lack of doors to open, and general misunderstandings when it comes to mental health. It should be very different, that’s for sure. In the midst of this context though, you’ve been doing something very brave by opening up just right here in this comment section - and on top of it for having such a adeep understanding of the dysfunctions at play in too many places. You are paving the way by opening up and sharing your vulnerable side. It may not seem huge in the grand scheme of things, but it may create a big difference in the life of someone who would read your comment. If you personally need a place to talk, you will always welcome in the Heartsupport community – which is non professional, but composed of people from all places of the world, who deeply care for one another. You’ll always have a safety net there, whenever you need. You are not alone, and how you feel matters. Your voice matters.