In my head

I’m in my head to much and getting out is a struggle. I’m afraid to talk to people about it because I don’t want to be labeled as crazy or not ok. I have a hard time deciphering between real thoughts and what seem like thoughts that are to far fetched or out of context. My thoughts that don’t seem real usually sound like they come from someone else. The words that I hear have never been said but I hear them in my head like the person has said them. I’m not sure if these are things that I’m supposed to hear or if they are things that I make up in my head. I’m here looking for advice on how to deal with this. Like I said in the beginning I’m in my own head a lot. Sometimes it’s not such a nice place…


I have the same problem. I haven’t completely figured it out either yet but I want you to know that people won’t label you as weird or not ok. I want you to talk to who you trust most. Build up that skill of talking to people. I’m sorry if this didn’t help. I hope you figure this out!

I’ll try my best to talk to someone I trust…

Hey @unclebird71,

Thank you for sharing and being here. It can be difficult to share about what’s going on in our minds, but you managed to post this message.

If something is absolutely certain, it’s that you’re not crazy. :wink: Thoughts can be really overwhelming and having difficulties to distinguish reality from them doesn’t make you weird at all. There’s nothing wrong with you, but I’d like to echo what @Sin0pa said and encourage you to talk about it with someone who’s close to you, someone you trust. We can help you as much as we can here, but it would be awesome to know that you’re also receiving support from people close to you. :heart: I know you said you’re afraid of doing it, but it’s absolutely okay to talk about it and ask for some help.

The fact you’re already able to keep some perspective over it is really great. And as you mentionned that “sometimes it’s not such a nice place”, I hope you’re not too afraid because of it. If you think it can help you to share a bit more about it, feel free to send me a DM.

Take care. :heart:

There are a lot of things I don’t talk about with my friends and family but I do talk to my psychologist about it. I suggest try to seek help there is no shame in asking for help.

Hey @unclebird71
I think the best way to handle things like this is talking to people. Communicating on here is a great place to start. If you feel comfortable, it may also be a good idea to try to talk to counselor or therapist.
I can guarantee that this does not make you crazy though. Sometimes overthinking and always keeping things to yourself can be very overwhelming. I do not think that anyone will think that you are crazy for feeling like this.

i think i experience the same thing. i used to hear a voice yelling my name…and it was a residual effect of the violent abuse and loss i went through growing up. and i was ashamed because i already felt bad about myself. so when i thought i was hearing strange voices i just felt worse. then a friend told me that it is a normal phenomenon to think you are hearing the voice of the person who made a huge impact on you. i felt better and not so crazy. eventually that voice faded and today i cant even really remember what it sounded like. so, hope is here and it will give its reward in the future. hang in there.