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In need of new hobbies/stuff to do


Hello everyone,

I’m getting tired and bored of my old hobbies (video games, comics, etc) and already started working out. Since I like to be busy even in my free time, I’m asking you for some hobby recommendations: i have some things in mind like starting a blog or learning how to play tennis, but I’m in search for more ideas. If possible, I want it to be cheap, and possibly not involving tv or pc.

Let me know!


Not for everyone, but over the summer, I found bread baking to be very relaxing


That sounds fun! I’ve always wanted to learn how to cook in general but never did. This could be a good time


How about free. Ever heard of Birdwatching? Try People watching. I know sounds creepy, but it can be fun. Watch someone in a group and how they act & react around them. Guess what they’re saying and notice slight details like their gestures & body language. This hobby had been mine since High school. It helped me to become a good judge in character and to pick up on the predictability of several kinds of people.

Do you hike or walk (also free)? Combine this with Geocaching. Geocaching is similar to a combination of scavenger & treasure hunting.

You could also volunteer at your local shelter if you like animals. I know for the dogs most are looking for people to just simply walk the dogs. I walked the dogs at my local shelter for almost a full year.


Walking the dogs could be really nice and fun. Thanks a lot


Don’t know your thoughts on music but instruments are fun! Learning the traditional way kills my soul haha, so just sitting down and learning and playing what I want has been really freeing. I have started a hobby of vlogging recently and it’s super fun, especially when doing it with someone. You can make them about anything you want! Photography is also a fun one to try too! And you can do it with just your phone, there are lots of tutorials for doing it with your phone. There is a website called Skillshare that has tons of video classes for learning, you can access some of the videos and features for free and it’s worth looking into. There are many different categories! Hope this helps!


You just helped me remember I’ve always wanted to learn how to play guitar. I’ve been a singer for a lot of years but never learned playing anything besides drums.
I’m already a huge photography addict, I can’t go anywhere without my camera lol


I like writing quotes. Just lots and lots of quotes. It helps ease your mind and make your handwriting better.
Drawing is also relaxing too, and remember not everyone is good at first! Same goes for instruments like piano, flute, violin, etc.
Challenge yourself to listen to every single genre of music, you might find something surprising you like :slight_smile:
Start a YouTube channel and post tutorials, vlogs, or random stuff.
Jewelry making can be quite satisfying, as well as painting.


Started writing, hopefully blogging soon!


Learning a new language, probably can find used books really cheap.


Have you thought about skateboarding? It is exercise and it goes at your pace.


I already know like 5 lol :joy:


No place to do around here sadly…it would be a blast!


Dannggg that’s impressive to know 5 languages!