In the dark ages

Long time no see…

I think I’m possibly in one of the last stages of my life. The dark ages.

I’ve managed to block people who love me or of whom i like too much

I’ve just decided to let myself die on the inside and out

I can’t stop it so I’ll just let it consume me
Its easier than being in the middle or trying to keep myself regulated. Its too much

I don’t want to try anymore and even though something tells me keep trying. I just don’t want to listen to it anymore

I am a mistake that should have neved been born. I should have been aborted

I hurt people and i hurt myself

My life is over


Not if I can help it.
If you are here, you’re not a mistake.
Something keeps telling you to try. Why is it hard to listen?

You can’t be human without hurting other humans. We disappoint each other. We resent each other. We expect too much of each other. We get angry. We hurt each other’s feelings. We do those things and more to each other. It starts about the time we quit our diapers.

You can’t be human without needing love, empathy, emotional and physical support. We don’t get enough of it.

We try to connect. Sometimes we do. We care. Sometimes we care enough. Sometimes we love enough. Sometimes we help each other heal. Sometimes we listen to each other with our heart, and share our heartfelt feelings. Sometimes we share love in countless ways.

In the night sky, there are points of light. Are you focused on the darkness, or the stars?
Good people on this planet are like those points of light. You are among them.

In this “dark age,” you shed light. Yes, you are human, and you mess up, but your intentions and essential decency make the world a better place. You might deny it, but it’s true. Every time you help someone feel even slightly better, that bit of kindness ripples through an untold number of people.

I’m glad you’re here. Others are too. I don’t want your life to be over. You’re precious!

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