In The Moment: The Grief Never Ends

I was having one of those instances of bereavement, a moment of grief, while in the bathroom earlier this evening (at the time of posting) - just straight up weeping for about a minute as random thoughts of my late father came to mind. It’s been over a year and a half since his sudden passing and it feels as if my grieving is just getting started. I’ve cried more in these last few months than in a one year period following his death. I’ve noticed that I’ve become more connected with the emotions and feelings related to this tragedy as sadness and sorrow replaced numbness and bitterness and the state of mind of being emotionless. There’s this question I’ve been asking myself ever since, but will never get an answer to: WHY? WHY HIM? Why did he have to go away at a time when we (my family and I) needed him the most? We still needed him here! I feel lost without his guidance, love and comfort. He was the type of man who always knew what to do and ALWAYS put family first, even if meant putting importance of our health first over his own. He was a very selfless man and that’s what I loved about him the most! I will NEVER forget him! <3

(I apologize for not making this post more nice and neat, but just wanted to get these thoughts out there). Thanks for taking the time to read!

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They there Tom,
Thank you for sharing. I’m praying for you through this rough time. <3
Hold fast <3