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I NEED to get away. I WANT to get away… but for how long? A day? A few days? A WEEK? I dont know; but what I do know is that this is something that NEEDS TO HAPPEN. Mental breakdown prevention is the biggest reason im doing this. I’ve done a 24 and 36 hour social media blackout in the past (with the exception of Youtube/Spotify), so I know what to expect; but this time…36 hours WONT CUT IT. It’s time to CUT THE BULLSH*T and to take the reins of my mental health into MY OWN HANDS. Ive WASTED too many years (12 years) being stuck in this ‘Comfort Zone’; It’s time to HUMAN UP, STEP OUT AND NOT BE AFRAID.

That’s all I have to say.

Until then…See you all later.

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Hey @TomTwitch91,

It’s very brave to take a break, to step out of your comfort zone. It has to be respected and honored.

You’re right, your mental health is a priority. Always. And I hope you’ll have the opportunity to progress as much as you want, as much as you need.

Take care of yourself, it’s all that matters. You’re loved friend. :hrtlegolove:

Hey Micro, thanks for the reply! I’ve been on a social media ‘blackout’ for a couple days now until right now…however, I wont be fully back into Twitch and the like for a little bit.