Inhumane by Polaris - Therapist Reacts

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Our very own Taylor is a therapist. She also loves all things metal music. So we thought let’s take both of those things and start a therapist reacts series!

In this video she is reacting to Inumane by Polaris.

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I think you might like Nightwish - How’s the heart :slight_smile: It’s a metal song and the subject is quite near of mental health.

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First time viewer! Also an LMHC/SUDP and metalhead!! :fire::metal:t3::metal:t3::fire: great video!

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I’m loving this new series of videos for so many reasons. A quick request if I may - If you’ve not heard it yet please consider reacting to “Dead and Gone” by Kemikalfire. The band is a brand new project from Halestorm drummer Arejay Hale and LiT drummer Taylor Carroll. This is their first single and it’s :fire::fire:, but I’ve only seen ONE rection to it. The lyrics would fit so well with what you are doing here too. Either way, keep it up! these videos are great.

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