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when I was 2 due to a trauma left me with permanent stuttering speech problem. I was the only foreign kid in my school and also the skinniest. Always been bullied, mocked, even beaten sometimes. My speech caused me to be an introvert and affected my relationships generally. I always think like im cursed (ironically my name means blessed in bulgarian) and can never be better to anyone. I can never make friends easily, talk to girls i like, engage in conversations between friends. I always wished to be like a normal person.


:heart: well I support you anyway : )

I want to be your friend. I wish i could be there to stick up for you if anyone tries to do anything terrible to you.
I just… I’m here on a website… so…

Hey friend, you are you. And you are enough as you are. I know this probably sounds just like a cheesy statement, but I can assure you, there is so much beauty within you already.

How you feel makes sense though, and I’m sorry for how you were treated in the past. Being rejected, humiliated and hurt that way should never happen. What was said and done to you was not the reflection of who you are, but of the heart of those who hurt you. It was the reflection of their own hatred and ignorance - nothing you ever deserved to receive or endure. You didn’t do anything wrong. You never asked for it. It was not your fault. And it’s still not your fault.

When we’ve been hurt by people, we often put the blame on ourselves and wonder what is wrong with us. It makes it hard to feel confident, to see worth in ourselves, to connect with others. But you are not wrong for being. You’re breathing, existing, you have a rich inner life that no one else holds. Being an introvert is not a curse, and you can learn to navigate in this wild world in your own way. Just like the wounds you’ve been carrying are made to be healed, at your own pace. Acknowledging what happened to you and how it’s been affecting you is a first step, friend, and such an important one. Not everyone does that.

I’m grateful for you for sharing your heart with us today. That is part of your inner strength, friend. And those lies that are making you believe that you are doomed to be stuck are not worth your energy. You are worthy of love, compassion and care. I believe in you and your capacity to give that love to yourself, first and foremost, but also one day after another. <3

Hi friend. First and foremost, I just want to say that you are and always will be enough - wonderfully and beautifully made. Thank you so much for sharing what you’re going through. From the bottom of my heart, I’m so sorry to hear about the pain you’ve experienced.

There is someone in my family (who I love with my whole heart) who has had a stutter since she was about 3 years old. It would take her some time to get some of her thoughts out and she had classmates who would make fun of her so much that she began to feel incredibly anxious and fearful to even step foot in school. She would talk about how frustrated and insecure she felt and how she wished she never had a stutter because she felt like no one could understand what she was going through.

Then, she got really lucky. Her parents found an organization called Friends which is a national organization dedicated to empowering children, teens, and adults who stutter, as well as their families. She got a chance to meet other people her age who experienced how difficult it is to feel the shame, fear and anxiety around something that comes so “easy” to other people and that we do everyday to communicate our beliefs, feelings, needs. This community has opened up her world and changed her feelings about her stutter and ultimately, about herself. If this feels like something that could be helpful for you, I will post the link to the website right here:

Again, I want to thank you so much for showing us what is inside of your heart and I am holding it with you. You’ve got a friend in me. Sending you so much love <3

Here’s a virtual hug for you, I hope it makes you feel a little bit better. :heart:

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