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I’ve dealt with chronic migraine for the last 6 years, and having to put on a good face while I’m at work can be physically and mentally draining. Especially during these times where I only really work, come home, and repeat. I always try to keep a good attitude, but living every day of my life in pain can be extremely draining. Your stream definitely helps Ryan! And reading your devotional helped a lot as well. :metal:t2:


Hey friend. I so appreciate you sharing what you’re experiencing with me. Moving through the cycles of our daily lives in these unprecedented times can be exhausting enough but to do it with severe pain in your body must feel especially overwhelming and depleting! It is wonderful that you try to keep a positive attitude about your situation, and that you are watching Ryan’s streams and read his devotional. I also hope that you are finding ways to rest your body and recharge it after your long days at work as well as take the time for yourself, perhaps by saying no (if possible) when you don’t have the energy to put on that brave face at work that day. It is ok to put yourself first. Sending you lots of love and wishing you much needed rest <3

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From Original Poster: @heartsupportwall I definitely have had to learn to listen to my body, and to realize that it is perfectly ok to say no sometimes. I definitely try to not let my disorder define me, but also have to accept that it is a part of my life and need to take care of myself. Thank you for your kind words as well! You’re awesome!

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Hey friend, thank you so much for sharing all of this. I feel humble while reading your words, because you’ve been showing so much perseverance and determination for so long. My own experience with migraines is so small that I can only imagine how draining it is to deal with this for 6 freaking years. Yet while your body is giving you a hard time, you keep showing up, you keep working and keep a smile on your face. Your efforts are significant and your bravery is far from being unnoticed, friend. Your resilience is admirable and I want to thank you for sharing today something that certainly remains unseen most of the time. Your voice matters, so much. I hope and pray for rest, healing and peace in your life in times to come. <3

Here’s a virtual hug for you :black_heart: you matter

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