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i guess i’m at that point where my childhood is over, i’m in college now. Except am i really? is sitting in my own room learning through videos and emails really learning?. i want to start a band yet i have no way of meeting people to do so, i want to meet people to get an apartment with but have no friends. no girlfriend, no money. i know i’m lucky, i know there’s so many people out there who have it worse than me. at this point i feel like if covid ended right now i would still feel lost, stuck in a habit of doing the same shit everyday. i just want to meet people and travel and share experiences. if anyone is in the columbus ohio area please hmu! everyone could use another friend :heart:


It’s kind of wild - one day, we’re carefree and experiencing life and what it has to offer as a kid and then one day, we’re in this adult body wondering where our youth went. I have days like that a lot, especially since I’ll be celebrating my 34th birthday this year.

With COVID, things are totally different, but there are ways to meet people regardless. There are Meetup groups online where you can find people categorized by interest. I have used those in the past to make friends when I was new in an area.

Things are going to get better. It can only go up from here. Hang in there and stay strong - there is a light at the end of this tunnel. <3


From Original Poster: @heartsupportwall :heart:thankyou:)


I think you’re doing an amazing job at being who you are and your feelings are valid here. :green_heart:

I think, a world with people like you in it is an amazing world to be in.

We can face it together, my friend!

Things will get better and I know youll find the band that works for you. :blush:

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I do want to be your freind. That’s why I’m called Pengyou. :heart:

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