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I’ve dealt with a lot of turmoil this past year, with friends abandoning me, trying to figure out my identity, breaking my back over a job that couldn’t care less, a family somewhat broken by choices made. I’ve lost more than I’ve gained and I know many other people have too. I just want to say that sometimes the dark is too heavy, but only this past month I got some help I needed, cut out the toxic and let myself grab opportunities. I think support in the form of validation is always helpful. #weareone #fitforusall :metal:t4:

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Sounds like a grind of a year…to feel like you had community stripped away from you, you’re fighting to understand yourself, but you’re experiencing this daily erosion of your joy…that you show up day after day after day with NO ONE who bats an eye or even cares that you give of yourself at your work…gosh, that is so damaging to the soul…for this message to be spoken to you every day – you don’t matter, no one cares…so brutal…and to have to go home, to no one, to fight your own thoughts your own questions…and then to have to go to bed knowing you have to get up the next day to do it again…sometimes the dark is too heavy, indeed…

Yet you’re here, and you are fighting through. How incredible that you got to the end of that season, that you’ve found the support you needed…that you’ve cut toxic out, and you’re seizing the goodness coming to you…

I was just thinking about this today…that there’s something about suffering that makes us value what we have…you can inherit someone’s lifetime collection of something valuable, but it could never mean something to you the same way it meant to them…they had to fight and sweat and toil and labor over time…the PAIN that associates with the acquisition of that good thing is what makes it meaningful…

And now, after going through such an arduous season, you’ve got this deeper sense of value for goodness in your life, this appreciation for joy, this REAL TANGIBLE UNDERSTANDING of the difference between toxicity and things that restore and uplift you. And while you wouldn’t wish to go back through the darkness, I feel like you’re someone who knows now how to appreciate the light. What a beautiful gift after such a hard-fought season.


From Original Poster: @heartsupportwall :heart: you are so right Nate, as I would never wish to travel through it again, a certain darkness is needed to see the stars

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<3 poetic, true. Thankful for the reminder through your story in my life too. I’ll look at the stars different tonight :slight_smile: