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I just got out of a three year abusive relationship. My ex girlfriend destroyed my self confidence, self worth, made me hate all my passions, and lead to me developing an eating disorder. I honestly never thought I’d feel beautiful or perfect to anyone, especially myself. When quarantine hit, I was around her 24/7, which caused me to reach my breaking point. But once I got out of it and began to recover, everything in my life got so much better. I’m not fully recovered at the moment, I still have my bad days, but that will never stop me from trying to get better. And for the first time in years, I’ve felt happy again! :slight_smile:


That word “destroyed” feels really critical…to have invested so much, to have built up this life with someone, to have had so much of yourself intertwined in this other person…and then to have it completely crushed. To be WORSE afterwards…to feel like you’ve lost pieces of yourself that you haven’t yet found again. It is hard to look at that, it’s so hard to feel like you’ve got this story that dives off a cliff…and even though you are on the other side of it, to feel like you haven’t even taken inventory of all the loss of the crash…it is so hard to muster the courage to continue on after having faced something that devastating…but then for you to do it anyways…damn…there’s so much beauty in your grit. To have come so far down and feel like you can still keep your chin up? Damn…the power in that…the strength in that…to have journeyed far enough away that you’re starting now to – not necessarily become who you were – but to become someone more…to find a happiness you thought you’d never regain…your story is so beautiful, friend. And even though the struggle continues, I hope I can offer this perspective to you: you are so worth the fight. Better is ahead, you’ve already experienced it, and while you might not see it yet, the story you’re writing truly matters, and it is powerful. Thank you for choosing to believe in yourself. I believe in you too.


Hey friend - What a beautiful feeling to embrace: feeling happy again after such a difficult time. The relief of being free from this relationship that was holding you back and hurting you in ways that should never happen. Healing is a long road, for sure, but your determination is admirable and you’re definitely on the right path, friend.

YES, you are worth the efforts it takes to claim and feel that freedom again. It takes a lot of strength to free yourself from the chains of the past, but your heart is a sacred place that deserves the time and care it needs to heal and grieve properly. You are empowering yourself right now. In the midst of this pain that you are processing, there is a beautiful transition happening in your life. Thank you for sharing it with us today. You’ve got this friend. You deserve to enjoy this happiness you’re feeling right now. It’s beautiful, and so are you. <3


I am so so happy for you. I know that there is still a journey ahead of you in recovery, but the leaps and strides you have already made is inspiring and something to be proud of of. Keep a hold of that strength in yourself and never let it go. You have got this!

<3 Tara