Intense Emotions/ I can’t control anything

It’s seem like no matter how hard I try, things just blow up in my face. I became a burden to my family and failure in life. Even planning a fucking trip, give such intense emotions and make want to punch my skull, just to rid of this feeling. Even punching my bag, I have thought hurting my mother, even thou she a loving person. But I blame my parents for my fuck up problems. I turn into a abuse and toxic person. I’m too much weak to stand on my own, cause my fucking Disabillity and faults. I can’t move of my parents house and I can’t even make enough money to pay rent.

I can’t even release my own music I work so hard for and I can’t do, anything that a normal person could. I’m done being in bands. I don’t want point in music anymore.

I wish just commit suicide. I wish I was not such a shitty human being. I try a DBT on my own and it did not work out. Fuck medication and I’m not worth it.

Hey hang in there, I know times are hard. There will always be a better tomorrow don’t give up now. Everyone has their own pace at things I’m sure if you take some time getting used to a routine it could help you. Go at your own pace it’ll all be fine.

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