Internet addiction

Hey there,
For about 6 years I am struggling with computer addiction, it evolved overtime at first it was just games, but then it started to affect my daily internet usage and life beside internet, I really struggle to get off scrolling, playing a game or when talking on discord. Sometimes I can spend hours in front of the computer even when I do not want it. I got better with being assertive when I play too much, but it still hunts me when I am scrolling or just doing anything over the internet. It is really hard for me to fight it alone, so I thought, maybe you guys would help me.
Thank you in advance


Hey welcome!! Thanks for sharing, gosh I don’t know how many countless hours I’ve lost to the good old scroll.
We have such easy access these days, so what are some goals you’d like for yourself?
I can offer a few examples if you like.
My uncle has a no phones or computers after 7pm or before 8am rule. They turn their internet off and turn their phones off. Understandably every now and again they need to be aware if there is an emergency or someone may need to contact them.

There are lock boxes which you can set a time for to lock your phone in, which might be a bit extreme.

I think one thing that has helped me keep more mindful of the world around me is I started to force myself to read more, and reading out in the garden is now one of my favourite activities. When I’m present with friends I try to keep my phone in my pockets or bag unless I am showing them something or tell them before hand I’m expecting a message/call so forgive me if I pick up the phone.

Our brains need just as much stimulation as the rest of our body. To help it exercise or even to help it unwind and rest. I know u can lose just as much time doing crossword puzzles and reading as I can scrolling now.

So I guess knowing what sort of goal you’d like for yourself could be helpful. Maybe to start with you want to limit the time period you use everything like my uncle, or maybe you want to break it up, say every hour of screen time you take a half hour to hour break. Even a 20 minute break is meant to benefit your brains and eyes. It could be going for a quick stretch outside, drinking some water or even just enjoying the quiet around you.

Hi there @czacho,

Thank you for sharing with us and for reaching out. Devices really can burn a lot of time, and it’s understandable that this would cause concern and frustration for you. In similar situations, I know I often “beat myself up” about not being able to fight on my own and not being able to be healthier (e.g., in terms of how long I spend online), but I hope you know that you are strong for reaching out and trying to get support in fighting through this. You are not a failure for having these struggles.

Here are a few suggestions for trying to cut down your screen time:

  1. As Neko said, set limits! This could be “I can only play 2 hours per day and will time myself”. Make sure these goals are realistic and achievable though. If you are used to playing 4 hours a day, jumping down to 15 minutes probably isn’t practical. Also, think about things like if you get cheat days. If you want to document a plan, check out the #action-plan category on this form!

  2. Figure out how else you want to spend your time. I know I often get online because I don’t know what else to do. Make sure you have ideas or hobbies you can enjoy offline! Perhaps make some offline time to hang out with friends?

  3. Look at what Neko said! They have some great ideas!

I also want to add a quick note to say that it’s always okay to take breaks and be on the internet sometimes. Trying to “cold turkey” computers probably isn’t the most practical, nor is it necessarily healthy/necessary. With that said, I still hope you’re able to come get to a place where you are happy and fulfilled by the amount that you are on, and off of, the internet.
<3 Tuna

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Hi, czacho. Thank you for sharing here!
Once upon a time, some philosophers posited that the internet represents a layer of reality. These days, it kind of does! We can log onto the web and meet people who share our interests, or even see the world similarly - without having to travel all over!
Internet connection is also necessary for a lot of parts of our societies today.
That said, our physical bodies still exist in the physical world. It’s kind of like food addiction - while we must eat food, we can still develop addiction. I really want to give you props for recognizing how excessive 'net use can affect you! That’s such an important step.
Something that helped me get offline more was limiting how I spent my time online. I would set rules: _“No Discord after I get home from work, but streaming music while I read is okay!”* is one that I still use a lot.
Rooting for you!

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