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Hello all HeartSupporters, my name is Trevor and I’m new here (but been an avid supporter for years). I feel that Mental Health is extremely important and even I have neglected and failed to understand my own problems. I deal with general anxiety and some obsessive thought patterns, negativity, etc. So really it doesn’t feel like a lot but in my own world I have disrupted my routines because of it, stopped eating, sleeping, etc. Currently coming back from a pretty severe bout of anxiety that had me off work for a bit.

I am here to support myself and others and would like to stick around the support wall to help if I can. In my free time I run a motorcycle club (boo Winter) and do Graphic Design from home for my day job. I like video games, hiking/traveling to new places, going to concerts (love metalcore, and other kinds of music).

I wish the best for you all in this new year! See you around.


Hello @Cataclysm_X ! Welcome to the community! We’re looking forward to your support here, and to helping you through your times of anxiety and racing thoughts. Glad to hear you’re coming out of a bad bout!

Any good concerts on your radar? I need to grab my tickets for Killswitch Engage and August Burns Red next month :slight_smile:


I saw the leg of that tour with those two! It was very good. I got a Polaris, LMTF, Alpha Wolf, and Invent Animate tour that just showed up as well as Deftones show, and a Don Broco show. Those are most of em!


welcome in! lovely little intro there, looking forward to supporting you as best as we can here!
Thanks for being here with us, new friend!

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Welcome! I look forward to seeing you around.

Welcome in Trevor! Very glad to see you here.

I hope you’re managing to coming back from this severe anxiety. It has been putting me away from work as well, but slowly learning to gain confidence again. It’s tough when the process also implies to put ourselves out of our comfort zone. I hope you take as many breaks as you need to recharge your energy. This is a tough battle, but such an important one as you are embracing again your right to exist as you want.

If you’d be interested in giving your help to people around here, feel free to join a Support Wall Action Team through our Discord server ( channel to get all the info). It would be awesome to see you there. No pressure though! It’s very chill and group members participate just as they can, and want. Feel free to DM me if you’d like more info.

Wishing you the best as well, and looking forward to sharing life with you. :hrtlegolove:

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