Intrusive thoughts

My intrusive thoughts have been so bad lately. I have anxiety and depression. I was just wondering if there is any one out there who knows how to control it?


Hey @Mimi

Welcome to Heart Support and thank you for reaching out.

I’m so sorry you are dealing with intrusive thoughts. When you have anxiety and depression, it just makes things worse, so I feel for you. It can be really distressing at times and frustrating.

The good thing is that you don’t have to believe the negative thoughts that swim around in your head. The video below is really good and gives some good ideas on how to cope with intrusive thoughts. I watched it a while back and it made a lot of sense.

One way to cope with intrusive thoughts is to talk about them. If you feel safe, you can talk about what’s been going on. This is a safe place with lots of very supportive people and it might help to let it all out and get some support. You matter!

Thank you so much @Mystrose!

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Welcome to heart support! Myst has given you a wonderful video, so I hope it’s been helpful for you! How have things been going?

I know for me when those thoughts creep in it gets very hard to drown them out, and I need to challenge them. Sometimes it looks like “my partner doesn’t really love me, he’d rather be with someone else”, and I look at the fact that he’s travelled thousands of miles to see me, helped me travel thousands of miles to see him, tells me every day how much he cares etc.

Do you have things you can reflect on that will help tell those thoughts they are wrong?

@ManekiNeko yes i have so many things i can reflect on. I try so very hard to drown those intrusive thoughts out. Things have calmed down for now.