Is it me? Be honest!

I get along with people for the most part. But I almost feel like I can’t trust anyone. I’m talking about people at work. Every department I have been at I find my self distancing my self from people I get along with because I see something in them that makes me think they are a snake or are talking shit behind my back. This happens to almost any new place I work. It’s good for a while but once I’m around them for a while and here them talking about others I start to question if they do the same to me. The. I get paranoid and I find myself thinking they are talking about me to everyone. Then I look at everyone like snakes. I have had a past of getting screwed over and back stabbed by friends. Anyone have advice so I can go to work tonight with a different attitude possibly. Please help!!!


Hey friend,

I know you’ve been struggling with trusting others with yourself for a certain time now. Like people are talking about you and being mean. I just wanted to send some love your way and remind you that you’re loved as you are right here and right now. It’s hard to feel like you’re criticized by others and rejected all the time. And it makes sense to feel how you feel in regards of your past, of what you experienced before. Your fears are valid. But also, there’s no reason for you to live the same situation again and again. It’s okay to take your time to trust others. Have you eve considered to talk to your colleagues about that? (if it’s something possible). Maybe they can actually help you to deal with this in a way that could be healthy for everyone, to reassure you.

I also hope that knowing that this community is here for you, anytime, can be a solid foundation to you, to slowly step out of your comfort zone. You have a safe place where you can vent, discuss, rest when you need. You have a place, here, where you are loved and respected.

Hold fast, friend. You have worth. You are enough. You matter. :hrtlegolove:


Hey friend,

Sorry that you’re struggling so much with these feelings and thoughts. And I’m sorry for the things that may have happened to cause you to feel so cautious and unsure about those around you.

I think it can be good to be aware of who you are around and invest your social energy in. It’s good to know when to practice boundaries and healthy distances. I know you have to go to work with people and be around them even if they aren’t the greatest of people, but doesn’t mean you have to get close and personal. It’s good to be aware and practice social limits. However,

I think sometimes it’s easy to let our minds tells us lies and escalate more than it should. It’s easy to trap ourselves into thinking bad things about ourselves and worry that people are talking about us, judging and thinking poorly of us.

It could be worth talking about if you have worries. To talk about how you feel and give them a chance to reassure you that everything is okay. It could just be in your head and maybe you just need to remind yourself it is okay. You’re okay.

But, if in some cases how you feel is true, remember, it is okay to distance from them and only talk as necessary. Remember that not everyone is like that. I know that not everyone we come across will click well with us. If it becomes too much of an issue, speak to your boss or management. Seek counsel on what you should do. :heart:

Just know that you matter. How you are feeling matters. These feelings you have shared are valid and deserve to be heard.

Be gentle with yourself friend. Practice healthy reminders when your mind begins to worry.

I sincerely hope that things get better. Know that there is a community here that supports you. And here if you need to further share your heart.

I wish for strength and courage for you. And peace within this situation.

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