Is it my destiny to drive people away?

I dont understand exactly what I’ve done to people but my friends all blow me off, my family thinks I’m some sort of tool to make their lives easier, and I can’t bring myself to ask someone out because I’m too hung up on my own faults. I want people to see me as a force for good but I’m afraid that they just see me as either a hindrance or a doormat. I literally hate being this way but for my whole life I’ve felt unwhole and I’m just ready to give up.


Hi! I am glad that you came here !

First I am so sorry that your live isnt being easy and that people that you called friends have left you or that your family think about you that way, you deserve a lot of better.

In our life, we will meet people that will left our lives and that will hurt us but at the same time we will meet new people and maybe those new people will stay longer in our lives.

If those friends have left you and you dont know the reason,then left them be, you will find people that really care about you,that is our destiny, your destiny.

I hope that you have a great day :heart:

Take care :heart:


It can be hard to feel like connections to people are genuine. It seems like you want more out of your friendships and family. Something isn’t quite right. Do you tell them how you feel? It may be that they would be willing to change behavior for you but they just don’t know you’re unsatisfied.

Hey friend,

I’m sorry that you are having a hard time within your relationships. And that you are feeling like your family thinks these negative thoughts about you.

I think sometimes when we get stuck up on our faults and beat up on ourselves that we can accidentally allow ourselves to believe things that may not always necessarily be true. What makes you think that your family thinks you are a tool? Do you think maybe that you are being overly critical of yourself?

You’re not a doormat or a hinderance. What makes you say these things about yourself?

Hey, we’re all humans and we all have things we are working through and need to improve upon. Don’t be so hard on yourself, friend. Allow yourself some grace. You don’t have to be perfect.

One step at a time we can work through the challenges we face and the things we feel hold us back. We are all growing and learning.

You deserve to be loved. You deserve to be heard. And you deserve to be supported through whatever it is you are going through that is causing you to feel as you do in this moment.

And just know, even if you aren’t receiving the support you need elsewhere, you are valued and cared for here as you are. No judgement. So if you just need a space to talk about what you are feeling and what causes you to feel as you do, we are here to listen.

Be gentle with yourself friend.

From: tromboness

Those are familiar feelings. What I’m trying to work on to help with thoughts like those is to improve my self-worth. It hasn’t been easy to learn to accept me for me. I’m hoping that feeling better about myself will give me hope for the future.

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From: balorthebrave

I’ve been going through something similar, finding friends who’ve been through similar thing

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From: balorthebrave

I found two good friends and found that writing positive poetry has really helped, I also find being supportive or brave for other people makes me feel like I have purpose and value

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From: blue_magus

I’ve certainly felt this way at times friend. But you can’t let the bad experiences overpower the good and the blessings you bring to others. Someday you will find people who value you for you if you haven’t already. Have faith that things can and will get better.

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From: okamimemories

I feel the same sometimes, friend. I’d like to say first of all, thank you for sharing. Sometimes our thoughts lead us astray. They keep us isolated. I’ve dealt with this a lot, and still do sometimes. You’ll find people who value you for who you are. We’re here for you, friend.

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