Is it over? I think so

I feel like I don’t want to go on. Almost ready to leave everything behind. Right in this moment I think I have to kill myself, like this is my only chance. I’m so weak and complicated that I hate it. I want to erase pain, I want to erase myself. I’m so scared of living


Hey @Amaris,

Just reading your post. I hope you’re doing okay right know, that you’re safe, that you’ve been reconsidering what you said. It’s not the end.

Friend, I know you’re hurting right now, but you’re not alone. Consider calling a crisis and just let everything you need out of your chest:

You have more to see, more to live. You are not weak. Life is objectively tough sometimes. But so are you.

Hang in there.


Hi !
I think that at one moment in our life we all feel scared of living, we dont know if things will be better or if thing will go worst, is a really scary though, life is Scary but at the same time life can become a dream too. I know that at this moment you wont see like that and that all you want to do it is to everything to get over,your suffering, your pain, your negative thought, but I Know that it seem hard but you dont have to give up.

I know that you are suffering, but like the good moment arent mean to stay forever, the bad situation doesnt stay forever too. What you are feeling I dont know this moments, days, week and month or etc. Wont stay forever, it wont be easy to get over them,but try to do thing that you like to do, try to tell people what are your feeling or etc.

Please, stay with us, even if I dont know you, you deserve to live another day and you deserve to one day to be happy :hugs:

Remember, "What doesnt kill you, it make you stronger "

Hang on, if you need to talk we are here to hear you :raised_hands:

Take care :heart:


Thanks, im okay for now. I really appreciate the support from this community :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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hey friend,
you’re so loved. you are so cared for and you deserve nothing but happiness and encouragement. I’m so sorry that you’re feeling this way and I understand your pain. you are not alone and we are always here to welcome you with open arms :heart:


Thank you @Amaris for letting us know how you’re doing. Be gentle with yourself today. Take some time to breathe, to do something you enjoy. Sending love your way. :hrtlegolove:

I am glad that now you feel better :raised_hands: Know that if someday you need to some to listen or read what is making you suffer, know that we are going to be there for you :hugs:

Take caree