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Is it wrong to use humour with suicidal, depressed, self-harming or anxious people?

Is it wrong to use humour with suicidal, depressed, self-harming or anxious people?

I don’t think it is, so as you’re doing your best to make some laugh, relax or realise that life is worth living after all, then GO FOR IT!

Oh, btw, even BAD JOKES can be good rib-ticklers sometimes (I should know!!)

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There’s no absolute answer to a question which begins with “is it wrong to use humor to…”. Only personal opinions. You’ve got your own. :wink:

… It can be yes.
If someone is feeling any of those things, they are sensitive, and for some it’s a trigger.
For me personally, I can take the jokes, but I know some people can’t, and so as long as you’re not forcing them on people who are uncomfortable with it.
If you’re using these jokes with someone who has said they are uncomfortable with them, yes, it’s wrong.

Be mindful.

I feel like it really depends on the group of people or the person you’re with. With certain friends, I would never use jokes like that, but with others I would freely because I know it doesn’t trigger their bad thoughts, and is a means of coping for them too. Just be mindful.

I totally disagree, MicrosmosK… it was also clearly largely a rhetorical question!!

I know how to use my brain and common-sense, thanks, gals and guys!

i never found jokes and laughter EVER FAIL!! (maybe it does depend on the teller a lot, though?)

I am just noticing far too much cynicism, pessimism and negative replies on HS in recent months… not somewhere I’ll be hanging around, if it continues like this… i am here to support low people, but not to be brought down myself!

I suppose that is part of using forums like this, you have to consider your own mental health and burn out when it comes to helping people who are also having mental health issues. That’s just part of the gig. People who are depressed and in crisis will be negative and pessimistic.

If you feel like it would be good for you to take a break, absolutely do so, but also be considerate of others, too.

If you need to take time for yourself, you can always do so. Never push yourself on writing or reading here if you don’t feel comfortable with it. That’s absolutely okay.

I’m sorry you feel that way. I really don’t see an issue with the replies that have been going around on the support wall, and no is trying to bring you down, but if you feel this isn’t the place for you that’s totally okay. It’s 100% your choice. However, if you’re having issues with what you’re seeing, I would advise you message an admin, rather than start to put down the community in a public post.

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I have no intention to “put down” anyone at all, Kayla!

I was merely pointing out that almost every positive and constructive post I have made recently, has been met with negativity , or defeatism. That’s just not my bag(gage) anymore

I really appreciate the intent of your post, but I don’t know that they’re necessarily being negative or defeatist either. Your question about whether its ok to use humor is a good one that I’m really interested in, but it’s worth getting perspectives from both sides. The way this conversation should be going is “why do we think some people don’t appreciate humor in certain situations” rather than “I think you’re wrong”. Disagreement is perfectly fine in normal discourse.

Personally, my grandfather was always one of those “humor is always the best medicine” kind of people and one of the last memories I have of him is a stupid joke he made on his deathbed. He was woken from a medically-induced coma. With about 15 people sitting around his bed wondering if he was going to wake up or pass, he woke up and saw us all standing around him. Someone asked how he’s feeling and he gestured for the nurse to take off his oxygen mask. He said in a very rough voice, “I’m doing great. What are you all doing here? You all know hospitals are one of the most dangerous places to be right!?”.

It was a bit off of his normal sense of humor (he wasn’t usually so dark), but he always tried to lighten the mood somehow, even when he knew things were so dire. He was making a joke about how so many people die in hospitals and if you wanted to live forever, you just need to stay away from them. He died at home that evening after several years battling lung cancer and COPD.

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I think overall it just depends on the person and the situation. For myself I am okay with humor as a coping mechanism because sometimes my situations are hard to cope with and I have pretty warped sense of humor. (I think that is because of my area of study and my future career goals) however just because that is what works for me it may not be the same for someone else. Also since this is an online forum and we are anonymous it is essentially up to us as both readers and posters to interpret emotions and feelings because written texts are often emotionless. I know it is easier to feel out a situation when I am interacting with a person because of not only of what is being said but also because of social cues and body language. Overall just use good judgement and try your best to feel out a situation.

I wish everyone knew a rhetorical question when they saw one! In my experience, humour, when used appropriately and in the right context, ALWAYS WORKS. It’s a God-given/humanly-inherent thing. Try it! (Unless your sense of humour is very poor!!!)

This is getting borderline offensive now. Shut the topic down, or I will be asking admins for it to be removed @Champagne
Being sensitive to certain topics does not mean that you have a poor sense of humour. If you have a rhetorical question, the wall ISN’T the place to post it. Post’s on here are designed to be responded to.
You may have had good experiences using humour to help, however, again, some people could be sensitive to topics, and joking about them can be triggering. If you’re using with someone you know is triggered by it, then yes it is wrong and you shouldn’t be doing it. If the person you’re joking with is fine with it, that’s cool.
In the future, if you ask a question on the support wall, expect responses because that’s what it’s here for. Support and encouragement.