Is my art weird?

I was unsure if this was a Journal or Support post, I am new… like, literally 2 days new. I’m sticking with support since this is something I struggle with.

So, my name a given, I create Halloween masks (or prop heads) and have been doing so for a year now. I really enjoy it. It’s a very in depth art form and requires many skills, but it is a very rewarding art form with lots of upsides. To simplify the process, it’s creating a sculpture, making a mold, pulling out the sculpture from the mold, pouring latex into the mold, pulling out the latex once it’s dry, then painting it.

However, I have run into the issue of people criticizing me or not understanding why I do the things I do or the fact that my art form is strange. Some people think that there is something wrong with me because of the art I create. I suppose it’s a little out of the norm. Creating horror related items that are also “out of season” (Because I do this year round) could be seen as weird. But it really makes me wonder if people think it’s a bad thing and it reflects negatively on me, and maybe prevents me from having relationships as I go into adulthood (I am going to an art college next fall). Sure, there’s the industry, but what about people who want to know me, but are turned away from my hobby. It’s worrying, and I do sometimes feel like a weirdo or like the edgy kid for doing this sort of stuff.

Here is a link to me pulling a blank mask out of the mold if you’re curious:

Here is a picture of my most recent work, “Dedrick the Decayed” painted like he was burnt.


You make Halloween masks… what is weird about that. People are wearing them every year. Do they just think they appear out of thin air? Btw. looks very detailed. Good work :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I think it’s pretty cool and pretty scary lol. I think that’s the feeling you want tho, so it’s working. I think you are very talented as well. The detail is really amazingly good!

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That’s pretty cool! A lot of detail and work went into that. I love FX work! How long does it take to make a mask usually?

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Depends on the mask. Setup takes about 5 to 10 minutes, If it’s a full mask and not a half mask, you have to put two mold pieces together. If it’s a half mask, you’ve only gotta worry about the one piece. Pour latex into the mold, and I let it dwell for about 45 minutes. Come back after that 45, drain it into the latex bucket, and let it sit for 15. Then, let it dry for 24+ hours. After it’s dry, you pull it out of the mold, trim it, and then paint it. Painting isn’t a really determined thing. I often paint a layer or three and don’t come back to it till the next day so I can think on it.

If I had to guess strictly on work and not waiting time for the mask in the image I posted, about 15 minute prep, 5 minutes focusing on pouring, 5 minutes for draining, 5 minutes for pulling the mask out, 15 minutes for trimming, and, judging on how much time I spent based on class periods, around 3-3.5 hours working on getting the paintjob done.

Sorry, this was a really sophisticated answer, but It is a sophisticated project. Here’s another picture of that mask with another one with a different paintjob next to it


I think your art is absolutely sick, there’s a few mask makers out there and it’s totally not strange at all! As a metalhead, this is interesting to me and I find it super cool since there’s a lot of bands who wear masks. Keep at it, you have skill and talent! There’s definitely like-minded people out there who enjoy horror art (like me!)


Funny you should mention that. I’m working on a clown character sculpt at the moment that very vaguely resembles the clown mask worn by a Slipknot member. Obviously it is not supposed to be the one he wears or even looks close to it, but when creating the sculpture I figured it would be fun to paint it like the clown mask used on stage after I make a few latex castings.


I love Slipknot! I didn’t know if you liked Slipknot or if you made any masks of them, but Clown’s mask is really iconic. I think painting a mask sounds fun too, because it really comes to life that way. I can definitely see Clown in that sculpture you made, you did a really good job. I’d love to see progress of it, or when it’s done if you’re cool with sharing it!


@HalloweenMaskMaker Your art is so sick! Knowing nothing about mask making, it is really interesting to read your posts and description of the process.

As for people being shocked or judging your art negatively, it is mostly because of an ignorance of the subject itself. Horror is an entire - and valid - theme when it comes to art and creativity. Have they never watched any horror movie or played any horror game? Have they never shared horror stories to scare each other when they were younger?

It is sad for them to only stop at the first layer of what they see, because it prevents them to really use their curiosity and learn many interesting things. It is their loss though.

People can be very judgmental, unfortunately. Silly example, but my brother was passionate about history, especially World Wars and very very local events tied to it. His personal library was all about it. Because of his interests, he was sometimes told that he was a nazi. big facepalm No comment, lol.

When it’s about hobbies, passions, and even more creativity, it is about ourselves first and foremost. I can assure you that there will always be people interested by what you do. You’re definitely not a weirdo or the “edgy kid”. Having passions like these is truly a gift. I’m so glad you’ve found your thing!


That’s amazing! You put a lot of time and work into your art. There’s definitely a lot of people out there who adore the horror scene! I think if you find a few communities they would absolutely be in awe of your work!

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Hmm… I guess I never thought to share some of my art here. I will when I’m finished. Here’s something I was working on last night, a cartoonish frankenstien. Still WIP of course, biggest things like teeth and larger forehead still need to be added.


Art is totally personal and subjective. Isn’t weird the whole idea? If you’re worried about what people think of your art, you’re no longer making art, but manufacturing statement tokens.

If people come to you for a Halloween mask, I’m sure they’re coming to you to get your take on whatever idea they have. I might have a general idea of what I want, but I’d be looking for someone with vision and talent to bring it to life. If you gave me whatever was in my head, it wouldn’t be awesome, it would just be the thing I thought of. What makes it awesome is pushing past what I imagined.

I can imagine people don’t really understand masks. It’s not a common medium. It’s not a canvas or a block of clay. The masks themselves can be creepy, not sunshine and rainbows like people are also used to. When I think art, masks aren’t the first thing that pops into my head. Seeing your work challenges that though. Those masks are awesome! They bring spooky to life in a way that nothing from a costume store can capture. It’s a different medium and a different theme. It’s a little weird. But that’s exactly the point!

If you like spooky stuff and metal, you should check out the band Ice Nine Kills. Their front man was a theater kid in high school and horror enthusiast. The production value in their videos is insane, the literary devices in their songs are mind-twisting, and their stage shows are as much about theater as they are about stage presence.

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Hi friend !

Tbh I think that we all need artists like you to make us feel better. Especially when we are blamed for being too “weird” or that things we love are too “macabre”.
Your art is helping people like you feel understood. It makes them feel less strange than everybody’s trying to convinced them that they are.
So thank you for being here and sharing your art with all of us ! You are so talented !
Don"t give up o things you love because a bunch of people thinks that this is “strange” !

Stay safe <3


Your work is extremely impressive!