Is there a point?

Another day at work trying to find a point to all this. I’m so sad tonight. I just really don’t get what all this is for. Like what’s the end goal?


Hey friend. I am sorry you were really sad last night. I hope today you are feeling better :slight_smile: I understand the feeling of walking through life and it feeling pointless. If you dont see a point or a goal to reach it can really mess you up. I say something that could be helpful is to make a bucket list ! When you really think about it… what do you want to do with your life ? We only live once. Think about your dreams. Your passions. Take care of yourself!! You are loved, holdfast :):heart:


From: Ash (Discord)

alright friend I am so sorry you are struggling tonight. I remember when I got my first like job job that was super important that I struggled because I was like what is the point to this endless job that seems pointless. But let me ask you this why in the first place did you take this job. Also I want you to know that what you do in life does not mean or equal that you are a valueless you have so much more value than what ever it is that you are working through in that moment. It is important to understand that no one put you can set the hopes and dreams you have for yourself and others. Fighting for the reason to continue might be hard but it is important to know that you set that. There is a reason you are here and you are working that job. I am sorry you are sad. For me I learned to find the little things that made it worth it. I worked in a deli for 3 plus years and in that time I realized that ya some people werent the nicest but than there were those people who were wonderful and legit would come just because I was there. People found the kindness and support they needed in that moment from myself.

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