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Is this normal? (Depression)

Question: I’ve mentioned in the last HS stream that I’ve been coming out of this long depressive state that i’ve been stuck in for a very long time and had been feeling “Happy” for the last several days…until today. It feels like Im starting to slip back into the depressive hole again…Is this normal?

TO ADD: In those several good days that I had, I’ve managed to get DECENT sleep and went to bed at a decent time (before 2 A.M)…Now it’s back to AFTER 2 A.M. like usual.


I had severe depression for 3 years until I had a panic attack last month. I snapped out of it. Changed my diet and kept stress to a minimum. Most importantly have God and give all your burdens to him. Don’t give up

Thank you for the response, I appreciate it!

Try to get a timetable and follow it. Also, when I have trouble to sleep, I like to watch some comented chess games. Boring asf but interesting enough to watch the videos until totally asleep.