Is this too much of a stretch?

Before I wanna give a quick update on the situation with Mia

So me and Mia and are currently on break only talking about things for our shared social media accounts,i’m not sure about Mia but i’m feeling alot better.
(And yes i did read all the replies thank yall for the support! <3)

Now for what i came on here to talk about,Ok so I have a social media account I use to vent I haven’t told anyone about it so they don’t see the post and think its about them when it isn’t i can tell you from experience that can be so bad for your mental health and i don’t want to accidently put my friend through that. I did end up telling 1 of my most trusted friends about the account I asked them not to look at the account,But they did anyways I asked them not to look at it again and they promised they wouldn’t but,i think Andie made a new account and befriended me on it so they could look at the post on the account. I’ve collected some proof i’ll share it here:

The accounted started following and talking to me the same day i asked Andie not to look at the account that wouldn’t be weird if the account wasn’t dead noone was seeing the post anymore and then randomly somone with the exact some interest as me starts interacting.

I was looking at Andies account when I noticed this photo of a cat was a shark hood it reminded me of TayTay (The account that i think is them) so i went to look at TayTays profile TayTays profile photo is the same photo from Andies post poving Andie has the photo on their phone or did at some point.

While Andie was at my house we were sending a photo to our other friend,when they went to send the photo their gallary opens up,i noticed a photo of my fav singer that Andie has stated in the past that they do not like,the thing is that same photo was recently used in a post TayTay made.

Ik i keep bringing up the photos TayTay and Andie use but it’s a big part of this I noticed all the photos TayTay uses of Miku (A singer we both rlly like that Andie does not) can be found within 2 minutes of scrolling on google you’d think somone who’s been a fan of somone for awhile might use diffrent photos.

Ik both TayTay and Andie have the same kind of phone because TayTay used a few emojis that can only be found on apple phones Andie has always had an apple phone.

TayTay has all the same interest as me absolutely everything about them is the same as me they have no other interest as far as i’m aware and all the interest TayTay has Andie knows i have.

i have other proof that i don’t rlly know how to explain.
Anyways i might just be over thinking this but yeah

Follow up question should i confront them? and if i should how do approach it?


Can you block the new account and not talk to this new person you don’t know?

sounds like that is a first good step. And don’t accept or add anyone else you don’t know for a while until you are comfortable.

I’m curious as to what you thought Andie would do with the information once you told them. You told them the name of the account where you vented, is that correct? So it’s not like they had to go looking for it.
It is sort of natural curiosity for people to glance at it after being told. Just wondering why you told them about it. If it was a vent account with sensitive information, why did you share the exact account details?

Just to be clear, I’m NOT saying you did anything wrong. But sometimes we do things that lead us down a path and sort of sabotage ourselves. Did you tell Andie the details to sort of test whether they’d respect your wish to not read or interact with the account?

I’m sorry that you’re in a position where you are confused about how to approach it. But deleting the new friend account is the first thing, so they have no access to what your posted. See if there is a reaction. then you can see whether you need to talk to Andie or if they have no idea about the new account. That’s also a possibility.


Hi Friend
I have a couple of ideas that you could do depending on the outcome you want to achieve. If you want to confront this friend then by all means do that but the chances are it will probably end up in the friendship ending however you could close that account and open another in a different name and this time learn from your mistake and don’t tell anyone. Good luck. Lisa.


Foxesrock, It’s good to hear that things between you and Mia have improved. As for your other social media account - I’m sorry that your friend went and looked but I’m guessing the temptation to do so was pretty strong. It would be for most everyone. If you aren’t sure who TayTay is - you may want to block them. If its really your friend Andie, they may say something or make another account. You could also consider closing that particular social media account. If you need a place to vent, there is a place here for that. You could also journal. Those are just a couple of ideas for keeping your information more personal. Then your social media could be for just that social things. It’s stressful for sure but it’s something you can easily fix and move on from. I wish you well.

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Hi @foxesrock

Thank you for the update and boy does it sound like you have a lot of evidence that your friend has created an alt account. It doesn’t sound like a very nice thing to do and its dishonest. I don’t know if I would trust someone after finding out they basically cat fished me.

It’s probably really confusing why they are doing something like this. I feel like you could ask them about it, but you can also just block that account. It’s a tough situation because this was a trusted friend and now they could be deceiving you. Is this something you could talk to them about?

I hope that you can figure out what’s going on.

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Hello! Thanks for writing.
I have a few ideas that might help you, depending on how you want to deal with the situation. If you don’t feel comfortable with TayTay account, I think you could block it. And if you think the best way to resolve this disagreement is to confront Andy, you should, but it probably ends in a big fight. Another option is that you could close this account and open another, this time without telling anyone.

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