Is what I do enough/ I don’t know how to help

Right now I am kind of lost because I don’t really know how to help my friends that are struggling.

I want to be there for them. I want to help them. And I try. But I don’t feel like what I do is enough.

I know that I can’t save people- but I just wish that I could do more.

I wish I could just help.

Lyss, you do enough. You do more than I even can. You save lives! I just talked to you about this. You save lives that’s freaking huge, you make such a positive impact on this world I wish you could see that.


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It’s just hard when people are stuck in those problems and you don’t know how to get them away from it.

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It is hard, but you can only do so much. At some point it’s up to them to make certain choices and if they dont make the right one that’s not on you. You can not force someone to do something, they have to find the willingness to do so. We can be there to love and support them no matter what and most of the time that’s all we can do.


Hey @Lyss ,

I feel ya, because I think about the same thing every day. I’m learning to be content with starting to help people on a small scale and hoping my platform can grow someday to reach and comfort more hurting people. Don’t feel bad if you feel like you can’t always be there for your friends - you’re doing a great job interacting with the HeartSupport community, and we’re your friends. :slight_smile: