Isnt life so beautiful

From fantasmaaa.: my child sister messed up smth and my mom is telling her that he is worthless and she will be in the future in a prision or as a prostitute, she also said we all were parasites who werent good for nothing and that she should had operated herself to not have kids when she was 10 to not have such a piece of shit children


Hi Fantas,

Sorry to hear that you and your sister are having to deal with such cruel words.

Please remember that your worth isn’t defined by the mistakes you make and the setbacks you endure. Your mom’s words aren’t truthful and do not reflect who you are.

You and your sister are valuable and will go on to achieve great things in life.

Although sometimes it’s easier said than done, try to find strength in each other and those who support you both. You both deserve love, understanding and the chance to grow.

Hope this is helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow, friend. I’m so sorry that your sister and you have been told such awful things. It’s so brutal to have your own mom displaying such hatred and rejection towards you. No parent should ever say such thing to their children. Their role as parents should be the absolute opposite of this. It’s so hard when the people you rely on the most, that you expect to be nurturing, caring and loving unconditionally, happen to display their own brokenness and put that burden on you somehow. If anything, nor your sister or you had done anything wrong there. You are not a piece of shit, you are not at fault for existing, you are not parasites, and you are absolutely allowed to make mistakes - like any other human being would.

I’m an adult now, but I personally grew up with a mom who had very similar outbursts as yours. It was heartbreaking and made me feel so many times that I was wrong for even breathing. Even if you know somehow and recognize that their behavior and what they say is wrong, it’s hard to not internalize it at some point, hard to not feel like something would be wrong with you. It mixes up love with violence and hurt, while it shouldn’t be that way. I wish you were not experiencing any of this.

If anything, and I know this may fall short on easing the pain, I can assure you that even when you have to deal with a mom who behaves like this, there is still hope, and it will still be possible for you to build your own path in the future. There will be a time when you’ll be fully emancipated, in a better environment of your own, without having to deal with all of this crap. In the meantime, it’s also possible to reach out to services that could help you, your sister, and somehow your mom too, such as child protection services or hotlines and organizations focused on helping children who are in a situation of abuse. I know this perspective can feel absolutely impossible and deeply scary though. So this is simply a reminder that despite the fears or doubts, it is a possibility and an option worth considering. If it doesn’t feel safe enough though, that would be understandable too.

Through all of this, know that you have friends here who see you and wish the best for you. If you ever need to talk, vent and get things off your chest, this place is a healthy outlet for it, and you’ll only be met by people who genuinely care. You are courageous for reaching out already, being vulnerable, and sharing about what’s happening at home - even if it only comes out of frustration and reaching your limits. Thank you for being here. :heart: