Isolation is breaking my will

The days seem to blend together, mainly gaming, and I find joy in very little these days. Have no friends and I rarely get out and about. My social circle consist of three family members, and one of them don’t seem genuine. Sometimes my inability to walk, been fourteen years, bothers me. Do my best to remain strong but it has gotten to the point where I am not happy about being comfortable with this lack of socialization and isolation. About a month back, I started up a Twitch account and came across a streamer who discusses posts people have put on this site. Really don’t know what else to put… but, I need to start somewhere to overcome anxiety, depression and isolation.

  • A living dream that is withering
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I known how you feel. The days tend to get blended for me as well and I often feel isolated. You’re reaching out and trying to connect where you can. That’s awesome and just the beginning. There will be days that just trying is all you can do but it won’t feel all that satisfying. That’s ok, keep trying. You’ve got this.

Dude, I find so much hope in your post…that you have this growing dissatisfaction, and that is driving you to action – your post here is a lot more hopeful than you think…even though I can’t come and hug you in real life, I feel connected to you and your story from what you’ve written.

The first three years of my marriage I didn’t have anyone I could call when I struggled. I remember so many nights feeling empty and alone and stuck and struggling and flipped through my phone book and asked myself – who would care? I couldn’t give myself an answer. The isolation was a slow suffocation. The pain finally drove me to a point where I had to do SOMETHING, and my wife suggested I go to some poker night some guys at our church were throwing, and I decided to go. There were some cool guys there, but when I left, I was alone again. The pain drove me to go back. When I did, I invited one of the guys out because I was desperate for a friend. That night when we met, I didn’t realize I’d be meeting my best friend. The pain drove me out of my isolation and into community, and when I finally was so sick and tired of being alone, I finally became connected.

I feel hopeful for you because the point you’re at now – being so fed up that you just HAD to do something different – was the turning point for me, and I’m hopeful it will be the same for you if you continue to let it spur you into connection. You are not alone, friend, and you’re closer than you think to the connection you desire.

Thank you for taking the risk and letting the pain drive you into action. I bless you with hope, and ultimately camaraderie and connection with people who will live life alongside you.


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Ill be your internet friend!! If you have a tumblr, mine is @myowndrowningthoughts

HI friend,
I know it can be hard when you just feel so lonely. But reach out, explore if you can. Make new friends. Sometimes we have to be the first ones to reach out, because people may not always reach out to us. It may feel weird, but it’s worth it.
One thing that’s helped me find beauty and joy in life, is by being thankful. When we are thankful in the little and the big things, we start to really see how blessed we are.
Everything will be ok friend, just don’t be afraid to reach out, try new things, and meet new people! You can do it! We believe in you :slight_smile:

This is so encouraging, friend.

It takes guts to throw yourself out there, even into environments that are designed to supportive. I recently just moved away from home to a new city where i knew nobody and went through the process of “throwing myself out there”.

Keep coming back:)

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