It hard to have a relationship/ friendship with a girl

I’m single for about 7 years and which was only true relationship I have had. However I did not have strong enough feeling for her. So had let go, but I was never able find another girlfriend. I had a few friends are girl, but end of leaving my life. I was not the best guy toward them and I’m not the most stable person. I did go on a couple tinder date 4 ago, but they went no where. I never had sex with a girl and I’m going be 30 in December ( not saying that most important thing)
However, I feel I’m too unstable, non good looking for any girl. Unfortunately girls that do like, I have no feelings which make me feel worse.

There is one girl I’m been trying to talk to lately and we even up for lunch. She had to leave early, however she did say she wanted to hang out and just go to shows. Then this outbreak happen and we have not met up. We text , but really big conversation. It suck I get really impulse , paranoid and anxious. Sometime I just want to tell her to screw off and just never try to talk to her. I feel get a lot intense emotions for these situations. In all I get screw over and lie too.

I do like her a lot, we listen to same music and she really cute, and she seem really nice. It just cool just be friends or whatever. I can’t help my paranoid and my fears.


Hey friend,

Sorry that you have been having a hard time connecting with people. I can relate to that. Sometimes it can be difficult connecting to people and building relationships. I was never very good at that either through out my life.

You mentioned that you we’re not the best guy towards them. What makes you say this? In what ways were you not very good to them? - There is always room for improvement and working on how we are towards others and relationships. Never to late :heart:

It’s okay to be 30 and have never had sex. I have friends that are 27-30 and have not either. Some because they choose not to for their own personal reasons, others because they haven’t found someone yet. I know society today makes people feel like they are weird for not having sex sooner, but its not true. It doesn’t make you abnormal or anything bad.

I think it’s important that you remember my friend that your income and your looks do not define your worth. Sure it’s nice to have a nice job but you are still worthy of love regardless of where you are in life and what you do. :heart:

It is very unfortunate that covid 19 has been so problematic to life as it was. Everything being on hold and making it impossible to spend time with friends and loved ones. :frowning:

I wouldn’t tell her to “screw off” - that’s not very nice and the opposite of what you are going for. I know it’s hard when people are not available or don’t respond right away, but we should always try to offer others patience and understanding. It’s normal to feel anxious and paranoid but it’s important to try not to let those things consume you so badly it’s destructive on you and others.

Friend, you matter. How you are feeling matters. You are lovable and worthy of love. Everything you have shared is valid. :heart:

I hope that things clear up soon so that you can continue to work on your friendships and build new relationships

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Man, I can say the same here. Most times, I love em. In the end, the feelings dont really co-operate. But, it ain’t wrong to be alone or be single either temporary or forever. I mean, you should see one of the posts. I even felt a strong emotion towards one but, I dropped it when I wanted to move on.