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It just happened? Or accident?

This may be the wrong spot to post something like this but I’m very curious. And it kind of applies because I’m fairly certain I’m an accident myself. Anyway, when it comes to getting pregnant, I hear alot of people say: oh it just kind of happened. But to me that says: they didn’t want it to happen, so therefore it was a mistake/accident. Which therefore means the child was a mistake/accident. But having an accident of a child is just morally wrong in my opinion which is why I hate when people try to cover it up as “it just happened”. If you ask me, you either take preventative measures, or you don’t. If you take preventative measures, that automatically implies you don’t want a child because you’re going through the means to reduce the chances of a pregnancy. And so therefore if pregnancy occurs, it becomes a true accident.
If you don’t take preventative measures, and you understand that the possible outcome of not taking preventative measures is a high chance of pregnancy, it automatically implies that you want/are trying to have a child.

So to me there is no wishy washy in between bullshit. And as someone who is more than likely an accident (I can’t 100% confirm because surprise, I am adopted), who’s life could have been much worse off had my birth parents not made the decision to put me up for adoption, I just don’t agree with people trying to pretend they didn’t made a mistake. Own up to it, and make up for it by doing 100% whats best for either the unborn or born child.

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I know a child is a blessing. It’s not your fault that not a lot of people wants to admit it. Thank you for sharing.