It’s all crashing down like a stash of books

Now my charger broke. It won’t charge my iPad. Without my music I don’t know what to do. And my mom keeps yelling at me since I lashed out on my sister, Shia. I hate them both, but I can admit that I was very irritable without my music. I’m so selfish. I’d be disappointed in me if I was my own parent. I’m already getting late assignments and I basically failed my Science final. I’m a failure.

Hey again @Dominion.
Your music doesn’t disappear without your iPad. It’s inside of you, its in your heart, and you can hear it without technology.
You admit that you’re irritable, and thats healthy to admit your flaws. But you also have much more than flaws. You’re strong and you hold on. So schools not your thing. It doesn’t mean you’re a complete failure. School doesn’t judge you of your life.
Never give in <3

School does judge me and I’m sure that I’m weak now. And sure, I hear music in my head but it’d be easier for it to be louder. It wouldn’t be so hard to block the voice that belittles me.