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It’s all her fault

My mom deliberately made us miss my fucking counselor appointment. That’s it, I’m either fucking killing myself or running away. If what she didn’t do before was enough, she also blamed ME for missing it. Y’know, the person WITHOUT A PHONE? THE PERSON WITH NO CONTACT WITH TH COUNSELOR ANYMORE WHATSOEVER?? I can’t handle this anymore. I hate this. I hate her. I hope she gets a miscarriage since she can’t even raise her current children right. She’s the problem and she’s only getting worse. I hate this so much. She is a horrible person. Even a horrible mother to say the very least.

i get what you’re going through. parents can really suck but you just gotta wait until you’re 18 and you can move out. i can guarantee you’re loved and cared for. i hope everything works out. n if you feel unsafe make sure you get help

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I’ve been telling myself that for too long. That I’d just get to be 18 soon and it all be okay. But my mom is making it so hard for me to get better, I think it’s on purpose now. I can’t handle doing this for even another year. I hate her. She made me hate myself.