It’s all just too much

hello i’m newer here and i found this through a comment in my book and i’ve been going through so much that i’d give it a try. anyway the past few months my friends have been ignoring me and only really talking to me when they need something.

so of course that makes me feel like i’m being used and they’re being friends with me out of pity.

but there’s just so much bad stuff going on in my life that i haven’t been feeling like myself and that there’s no way out except to end it.

today i cried so much because every thought was going on at once. i was overwhelmed and tired that i got really close to relapsing but, thankfully, i didn’t so i’m still 4 months clean.

this is a very big step for me as i’m not one for talking about my feelings to others so i’m very scared about actually putting this up.

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Hey friend, thank you for posting! Well done on 4 months, that’s amazing.
I’m sorry that your friends are ignoring you - have you tried to talk to them about them only speaking to you when they need something? They may not even realise that they’re doing it. If there’s 1 friend in the group you’re closer with than the others, you could try reaching out to them. I know that it’s rough feeling like no one cares about you, and not having true friends around, but, I personally have made some of my best friends through this community, so I encourage you to come and join the community discord and stop by some of the live streams Monday through Friday… You’ll talk to some amazing people and make some friends there! <3

Hold Fast

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thank you Kayla, i will try to reach out to one of them in the morning. also i’ll see when i can stop by to one of the live streams it seems like something i should check out.


Thank you so much for reaching out I know that can be realy hard. I’m sorry that your feeling distant from your friends like @Kayla said it might be a good idea reaching out to one of them and being honest with how there making you feel. If you can it’s best to have open communication.

It is such an accomplishment being 4 months clean and that you talked yourself down today that’s hard to do and you should be proud of yourself. Praying for you friend.

With love

I would suggest you talk to your friends about how you feel. If they’re your friends then they’ll change their ways or try to. Maybe they don’t realise what they’re doing or maybe they’ve been really busy.

When you talk to them talk nicely in a manner that shows the hurt yet is respectful. If you be honest yet cordial then you will find what your friends are made of.

You don’t need to take my advice. I am just recommending it.

Hope everything goes good for you either way.