It’s been a long day, I’m sad and can’t stop crying

It’s been a realy tough day. It marks a year wen me and a team left our home in Mexico and did an outreach through a missionary organization we were working with. I feel like it sounds so dumb but It has made me so sad today.

It’s not because anything bad happened quite the opposite I’m reminded of all the feelings I had not only today when I left but also the memories feelings and experiences over the course of the whole 6 months I was gone. Not to mention how much I miss the people I call family now because Of this viaje.

Im living back in the states with my family but feel so far from home. Idk why it’s today that’s bringing up all these feelings. I went through pictures and it makes my heart ache to go back to what feels like home.

I know god has his timing and seasons for everything and that each season has something of value to be learned in. I believe with all my heart that god has plans for my future. I’m able to see that perspective even when things really suck. Even with understanding that’s the truth today is still hard.

Idk I’m mostly writing this because I don’t have anyone to talk to today and I felt like I had to let these feelings out instead of hold them in. Love you who ever is reading this hope your having a good day.


I read it and you are heard I am glad to be here to read this because yesterday I wanted to end my life

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Im glad you chose to live your life Is important and you are loved

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Even though I can’t relate to exactly what you’re going through, Im going through something similar and I understand what you are feeling. I’ve lived in Minnesota for 15 years, and I used to hate living there because I wanted to live in a more popular place, such as California. But then I grew out of that phase and fell in love with my hometown. I loved the vibe and the feeling, I loved walking past the sculpture garden to get to the small coffee shop, I loved getting brunch with my sister at the small diner before taking a walk through uptown/the Calhoun square and peeking in little shops on a sweater weather Sunday. I felt at home completely. but then, just like that, my family moved to loud, painfully social, sunny day, fake smile New Orleans. It’s a good place, but it’s not, in any way, home. I tell my family about how I want to move to Pittsburgh, Denver, Portland etc when i’m 18, but they scoff, and even get a little frustrated. Because to them, nobody in their right minds would ever want to leave NOLA. They’re in love with it. I know it’s hard right now, but it’s hard for me too at the same time. We’ll get through it.

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You’re certainly not alone, and know that you are seen! I struggled with a similar heartache when I moved away from home shortly after college. Certain things would just trigger a flood of emotion remembering happy times and people I cared about. I’m not usually an overly emotional person, but I just couldn’t hold back.

I think it was a good thing, because not only was it good memories, but also it really helped me appreciate the people in my life that I loved and cared for. I eventually moved back closer and can say that I cherish the times I have with them even more.

Embrace the positive thoughts and don’t let those go! Crying and emotion is not a bad thing :slight_smile:

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Hello Friend,

The way you feel is echoed in my community a lot. We look back longingly at so many things. Be sure to be kind to yourself as you experience those emotions. We love you so much


Thank you so much for you for this it means a lot. I forget a lot of times that emotions are normal and get frustrated for expressing them. Thank you for the love from you and your community

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