It’s depressing over here

I feel like it’s likely bc of covid and with everything being closed and having to stay home, and also the fact that my friends from high school are away in college and I’m online so I can’t see them. So I started college in the fall and I’ve been on zoom ever since. I’ve been using my time alone as the time to focus on myself and do some soul searching so when I set foot on campus I’ll set foot breathing fresher air. However there are times where the atmosphere would get depressing and it would jus make me feel sad out of the blue. Idk if I’m subconsciously becoming depressed or simply jus lonely, but a few minutes ago I broke down crying


Sorry to hear you feel this way, however you are not alone. Just as you explain I think Covid has done both good and bad for me. The time you describe having to focus on yourself and you mental health, but not being able to go out and being social will tear on the mental health in the end too.
It is a long time going without human contact, so I understand how you feel.

Breaking down and crying does not have to be a bad thing, but simply a let out of the emotions we are feeling, and which are totally valid to feel in situations like this.
It does sure feel depressing, but this does not have to be the case. We can get through these things together, by continuing having contact with friends and family in the ways we can, keep caring for each other and keep caring for ourselves. At some point we will be back to the real world, be back at campus, be back with out friends and even be able to meet new friends we might have made through being online for the past year.

We can get through it by sharing and supporting each other, and allow ourselves to be sad sometimes. I am sure of it!


All I can say is, this makes perfect sense to me.


Hey there,
Thank you for being here and sharing this. Covid has truly changed the way we do everything. I think it is completely understandable for you to be feeling the way you are. Online school is extremely difficult and so much different than in person. You figure you’re not only having to adjust to online school, but the way the world is working in general now and that’s not easy all while trying to keep taking care of yourself and make sure you are being supported during this difficult time.

It can be very isolating and hard to keep in touch and connect with people the way things are right now so to hear that you are using this time to focus on yourself is so wonderful! The strength that takes does not go unnoticed! With that, a lot can come up and processing that can cause things to build up. Crying is sometimes how that gets released and that is ok! What is important and is that you are sharing how you’ve been feeling and are reaching out for support. It is ok to feel how you are feeling and know that you are not in this alone. You are in great company. We are here for you my friend.

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes


Hannah is right about everything she said. I keep listening to her :slight_smile: keep holding on :heart:.

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