It’s me again I’m sinking

Hey friends it’s D I’m having thoughts again a friend told me I should come back here


Hey friend,

This forum is always a safe place to talk and share what’s on your heart.

Would you like to share here what these thoughts that you have are about? :hrtlegolove:

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Hurting myself permanently

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Thank you for sharing. That is for sure a heavy thought and you’ve really made a good choice by deciding to connect here instead. I’m glad you are here.

May I ask if you are safe right now where you are? Away from anything dangerous or potentially hurtful?

Yes I’m safe I’m away from potential habits and tools I am in my room

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That is really good. Well done for making sure that the place where you are is a safe space to you. That alone can take a lot of efforts and energy. You’re wonderful.

I would imagine that these toughts didn’t appear out of nowhere (and if it did, that is okay too). Do you have an idea why it’s there today? Has there been some stressors in your life lately, or events that affected you emotionally?

No pressure, by the way, if you don’t want to talk about it. That is okay. Your own boundaries will be respected. :hrtlegolove:

I think it’s out of nowhere mixed with tactile hallucination and over thinking the holidays the latter of the 3 are 2 big stressors

Then again I could be over exaggerating

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I’m rejoining the discord

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Hi Dead_inside,
thank you for reaching out to us again, we are happy that you are here.
would you like to share more ? be sure, we are here anytime you need us.
you matter and are worth it, feel loved and hugged my friend,

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I’m effing done with caffeine

Does caffeine tend to make your situations worse? It is considered a stimulant in its own.

It’s making me symptomatic today

What do you mean by that? I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand. :frowning:

It makes my illness act up basically

It’s me @nickforrester from discord

I know the nonaggression rule but I am feeling super aggressive

Question for whoever,does anyone have problems with finding support in the church?

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Question for whoever,does anyone have problems with finding support in the church?

It’s not something I ever tried to seek, so I don’t have any experience with it really – in my country the church is present in different ways than US.

How has been your experience? What are the obstacles you’ve been encountering? If you would like to share, of course.

I myself am not religious unfortunately. Have you tried looking into support groups or even Discord servers relating to your stress? I have a couple of depression disorders, and I found one on the worst of the two. The community there is super sweet and I feel more comfortable knowing there’s others going through the same struggles as I am.

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