It’s never going to get better

A lot of bad things have been happening to me. Like first my grandfather gets hurts at a work accident, then I find out that my grandma may have cancer, next my grandfather passed away, and now my boyfriend broke up with me. So on Tuesday he broke up with me and he had told me that it was because his mom didn’t want us to date because he was getting bad grades. So I was okay with it. But after school I told her why he had broken up with me and she told me that that wasn’t true and the real reason he broke up with me was because he thought that I was annoying and he didn’t like me as much as he said he did. I was very sad that he had lied to me. I went and I confronted him about and it took him a long time before it slipped out and he said he didn’t want to hurt my feelings. I wasn’t hurt that he broke up with me I was hurt that he lied to me.


It will get better. I believe in you. You are important. You are loved.

Keep fighting. The sun will rise and we will try again.


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I want to talk about your title, and tell you it WILL get better. Let heartsupport wrap you in their loving arms, because we appreciate and value you, and want to walk beside you as you work through difficult things happening in your life right now. Please don’t let the people in your life like your ex’s mother tear you down. She does not know what is in her son’s heart, even if it seems like he confirmed it… remember that other’s perception of you do not define you - You are STRONG

Be well my friend.

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my grandmother has always said to feel your feelings, then to put them down gently and move forward. you are most certainly not alone and we’re here for you my friend. hold fast <3

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Hey Vanessa,

We love you so much. You are going through a lot as of now. But you can do this. You have already demonstrated a lot of strength in reaching out. Here is what we think